Young Jeezy Slams Bill O'Reilly, Bernard Madoff In New 'My President' Verse

Jeezy calls the conservative commentator 'racist' in his latest version of the Jay-Z-powered remix.

[artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] might wanna think about changing his nickname from the Snowman to the Populist.

The Atlanta rapper debuted a new verse for the [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist]-powered "My President" remix on Thursday (January 29). In the verse, Jeezy takes aim at Bernie Madoff, Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly. Last week, O'Reilly and "O'Reilly Factor" guest Miller took Jeezy to task for the song, which they characterized as being filled with "hate." Miller, in particular, poked fun at the rapper, going as far as purposely mispronouncing his name several times.

Jeezy didn't take the comments lightly, saying he "had to say what's on my mind like Oprah."

"Bill O'Reilly, eat a di--, nice try/ You're really being a racist a--hole in a nice tie/ And tell Dennis Miller his show suck anyway, and I'd rather watch Jimmy Kimmel any day," Jeezy raps on the new verse.

The remix starts with Jay-Z's verse, which was first heard in Washington, D.C., during the inauguration festivities. Jay joined Jeezy onstage at Club Love to premiere his version. His verse is filled with references to President Barack Obama's racist detractors and takes a swipe at former President George W. Bush.

On his show, O'Reilly said Jay-Z should know better. The conservative commentator casually mentioned that Jeezy might later appear on his show, though he wasn't clear if his invitation was genuine or not. A rep for the rapper told MTV News earlier this week that Jeezy would not accept O'Reilly's invite. A producer for "The O'Reilly Factor" told MTV News that the offer still stands.

Toward the end of the "My President" remix, Jeezy defends the song's intent and then takes aim at Bernard Madoff, the investment executive who scammed Americans out of millions.

"My president is black, my BlackBerry is too, though," Jeezy said. "This is not a race song, it's a remix/ So, I'mma say this, seems like I'm the only one that's not afraid to say Bush f---ed up/ He left a lot of people out here bad/ Matter of fact, you need to call Bernard Madoff yourself/ And tell him, 'Bring your punk ass up out that penthouse. We need that money back.' "