Danity Kane Split Saddens And Angers Fans

Some DK followers tried to find someone to blame, others hope for a reunion.

After Dawn Richard broke the news to us on Wednesday that as of now, Danity Kane are no longer a group, fans hit up MTVNews.com expressing all sorts of outrage and sadness over the breakup.

Richard told MTV News that despite the fact that Diddy kicked Aubrey O'Day and D.Woods out of the group last season, leaving only Shannon Bex, Richard and Aundrea Fimbres in the group, he was willing to have all the girls come back for the new season of "Making the Band" (premiering on February 12). But when Richard showed up to tape the show she was surprised to learn that Bex decided not to return either. Fimbres and Richard were left to fend for themselves.

Danity Kane's loyal fanbase, of course, is still reeling from the news. "I can't believe it," Chopper commented on the article about the news. "That's all I can say!"

Shiningstar20 added, "The most heartbreaking thing of life."

"I'm so upset right now," jerrell_2 said. "It doesn't make sense to watch the new season of 'Making the Band.' "

Although Richard was quick to point out that no one is to blame for everything that's happened in the group, DK's ardent followers aren't shy about expressing who they think may have had a hand in the band's demise.

"Shannon that was hard mean," Snoopy wrote. "I thought they were your girls. I hope Drea moves on and goes solo, since the group is no more. I wish Dawn success too. Those two were the only ones really down for DK."

Meanwhile, renee9072 asked, "Am I the only person that finds it interesting that over the last two seasons of 'MTB' there was very little footage (if any) of Shannon hanging out with Aubs or Wanita [D. Woods]? Yet on the finale, she was holding onto Aubs' hand for dear life. The only time I saw Shannon with Aubs and Wanita is when all five group members were present. I don't think Shannon is as innocent in all this as she is made out to be. As my friend would say, something in the milk ain't clean."

Some wanted to shoot the messenger upon hearing the news. "Ehhhhh, I was never really feeling Dawn," itsme23 wrote. "And I'm def not feeling her now."

Other fans are supportive of Richard for clearing up the status of the group: "I was a fan of DK, however, being that Dawn was the most fly, most talented and clearly the most loyal I'M ROLLING WITH DAWN," fatand2cute wrote. "So, I look forward to buying 10 CDs because I'm no fickle fan. Dawn's solo album coming soon!"

And in a more constructive message, one fan proposed a game plan for the group. "Can't they just reunite without Diddy interfering?" MPT wondered.