Andy Samberg Wants Jay-Z To 'Crush A Mic' On The Next Lonely Island Album

'SNL' star's comedy group sees Incredibad, due February 10, as 'a real game-changer' in the music industry.

"Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg and the other members of his Lonely Island crew, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, have very high hopes for their album, [article id="1601144"]Incredibad,[/article] out February 10. The comedy group has been making audiences laugh with pop-culture milestones such as [article id="1548607"]"Di-- in a Box"[/article] and "Ji-- in My Pants" since teaming up in 2005, and the guys assured MTV News that this album will save the music industry.

"This album is like a defibrillator, and we're going to apply it to the chest of the music industry and really give it a zap," Samberg insisted.

"We actually made this CD to reinvigorate the music industry," Jorma added. "And we feel it's a real game-changer."

The album was influenced by "a lot of '80s and early '90s hip-hop and R&B," Samberg said. "And some current hip-hop, '70s reggae, a little electronica. 'Ji-- in My Pants" is sort of Timbaland meets Pet Shop Boys."

The guys revealed that they'll follow up "Ji-- in My Pants" with "I'm on a Boat," which features T-Pain. Pain is just one of many celebrity cameos on the album: The guys managed to wrangle up everyone from Justin Timberlake to Jack Black to Natalie Portman.

"T-Pain is super funny," Samberg said. "[Jack Black] also turns some heads around the office."

With all that star power onboard, is there anyone they'd like to see on the next album? "Jay-Z," Samberg said. "That would be pretty rad. He's kind of known to crush a mic."