Kelly Clarkson 'My Life Would Suck Without You' Video Leaks (Briefly)

The clip, set to debut on 'American Idol,' is leaked on the Internet a day early.

We weren't supposed to get a sneak peek at the video for Kelly Clarkson's comeback single, "My Life Would Suck Without You" until Wednesday night's "American Idol" episode. So much for that plan.

The revenge-tastic clip leaked on Tuesday night and was quickly pulled, but not before it spread like wildfire across the Internet. Like the video for [artist id="1231768"]Clarkson[/artist]'s breakthrough hit, "Since U Been Gone" — which "Suck" bears a close musical resemblance to — the clip finds Clarkson taking it to a boyfriend by messing with his stuff. Only this time, instead of trashing his place and cutting up his new girlfriend's dresses while he's out, she teases and tortures the guy as he's sitting right next to her.

The clip starts out with Clarkson swinging on a swing and watching her younger self flirting with a boy. It soon cuts to the twentysomething couple playfully chasing each other around a dinner table as Clarkson flushes the guy's keys down the toilet. Like "Gone," the chorus of the song takes place over a live performance shot of Clarkson and her band rocking out intercut between the narrative scenes.

And then ... it's back to the boyfriend-taunting. As Clarkson admits, "Maybe I was stupid/ Telling you goodbye/ Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight/ I know that I've got issues/ But you're pretty messed up too," she snags the dude's magazines, suits and assorted clothes and tosses them out the apartment window with a smile on her face.

He retaliates by flinging some of her clothes and guitar, but draws the line when she tries to send his goldfish on a sidewalk trip. The key line explaining the War of the Roses comes about halfway through, when Clarkson sings, "Being with you is so dysfunctional/ I really shouldn't miss you/ But I can't let you go."

That explains why, after the couple snuggle on the couch and appear to be getting along again, Clarkson is next seen taking a picture of herself on his cell phone, flipping her hair around in his jeep while speeding down the highway and hitting him with a map until he nearly wipes the car out in a dirt lot. Or does it? The good news is that they kiss at the end. The YouTube link to the video now claims, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Music Entertainment," but a spokesperson for Clarkson could not be reached for comment at press time on whether the label had sent out takedown orders on the clip.

The single broke the record for the biggest one-week jump in Billboard Hot 100 history this week, shooting from #97 to #1, according to Clarkson's label, which has pushed the release of the All I Ever Wanted album up to March 10. "Suck" also hit the #1 position on the Digital Chart, selling 279,000 copies in its first week, giving Clarkson the third-biggest digital song debut in history for a female artist.