Selene, Jason, T-1000 And More Of Larry Carroll's Favorite Badasses

Our movie writer gives us his personal top 10 as we lead up to the crowning of the Greatest Movie Badass of All Time.

The search for the Greatest Movie Badass of All Time is on! MTV News has asked accomplished filmmakers, actors and you, the audience, to vote for your favorites. Now we've tabulated the results and found our 10 finalists for the top spot. Who will reign supreme as the greatest badass of all time? Find out on February 6 at 7:15 p.m. when MTV announces the winner live at New York's Comic-Con and right here at

Until then, we're profiling the 10 contenders for the Greatest Badass mantle every day, in alphabetical order. Check out our first contenders, "Star Wars" bounty hunter Boba Fett and "Alien" astronaut Ellen Ripley. Keep checking back to see if your favorite made the list!

[movie id="235084"]Selene, "Underworld" (2003)

In my humble opinion, the heroine from "Underworld" is the most badass female character we've ever seen. She could kill the Bride; she could finish off Alice from "Resident Evil"; hell, she could even take down Ripley. And when she was done, she'd strut away in that sexy leather suit, looking for the next dummy who'd dare to step to her.

[movie id="90276"]Jules Winnfield, "Pulp Fiction" (1994)

He's got a deadly stare, an equally lethal trigger finger, a wallet that declares him a bad motherf---er, and a mouthful of instant catchphrases. Even Sweet Sweetback's song wasn't as badass.

[movie id="38781"]Pike Bishop, "The Wild Bunch" (1969)

Time has moved on without him, but that doesn't mean this cowboy can't go out with one hell of a bang. Check out the big finale, when [movieperson id="29012"]William Holden's[/movieperson] eyes register Pike's decision to take on an entire Mexican army — and the ensuing badass strut to his final gunfight.

1. Dirty Harry
2. Ellen Ripley
3. John McClane
4. Mad Max
5. Walker
6. Sarah Connor
7. Pike Bishop
8. Khan
9. Boba Fett
10. Rambo
Badass Panel

[movie id="369154"]Jason Voorhees

Technically, he beat Freddy in their "Vs." movie, and he's slaughtered more teens than any other cinematic slasher. More than a quarter of a century later, the man behind the hockey mask remains the best of the breed.

[movie id="28954"]Mr. Blonde, "Reservoir Dogs" (1992)

He barked. But he also knew when it was time to bite. "Toothpick" Vic Vega was the meanest of the Reservoir Dogs — and even the one-eared cop could hear that argument loud and clear.

[movie id="92085"]Léon, "The Professional" (1994)

They had to send an entire S.W.A.T. team in to get the guy! 'Nuff said.

[movie id="34871"]T-1000, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991)

When "T2" came out, the evil Terminator juggernaut was the most terrifying science-fiction creation we'd ever seen. The fact that it was played by human actor [movieperson id="93599"]Robert Patrick[/movieperson] speaks volumes about his instant-classic performance.

[movie id="214367"]Boba Fett

Dog wishes he was as good a bounty hunter. Michael Jackson wishes he was this bad. The rest of the badass universe wishes they had Boba Fett's arsenal at their disposal, and Han Solo chillin' in their spaceship.

[movie id="306956"]John McClane

The beauty in McClane is that he's an everyman who bleeds, cries and fears for his life just like the rest of us. But when in danger, he becomes so much more. Sure, each successive "Die Hard" film gets further away from this point and closer to making him an indestructible bore, but [movieperson id="67397"]Bruce Willis'[/movieperson] crowning achievement is still Hollywood's greatest flesh-and-blood badass.

[movie id="266061"]Superman

He's not very hip right now, thanks to the [movieperson id="376769"]Brandon Routh[/movieperson] film — and he's certainly too squeaky-clean to be thought of by many people as a badass. But ask yourself this: If every movie character, ever, is locked in an enormous steel cage and forced to fight to the death without consideration of right or wrong, who's the last one standing? It's the guy in the blue and red tights, plain and simple. Hopefully, a director will someday get past the gloss and reward Supes with the badass movie the character truly deserves.

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