Kanye West Brags About His Louis Vuitton Shoes In Online Video

'I have so much to stunt about that it baffles me,' MC says of his fashion collaboration.

Multi-hyphenate [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] is adding yet another talent to his arsenal. The rapper/producer-turned-singer has now become a full-fledged fashionista.

While Kanye has always considered himself at the forefront of fashion, he stepped it up a notch during Paris Fashion Week. West posted a video on his blog over the weekend that highlighted his fashion achievements of the past week. As he sat in his Paris (he pronounces it "Pair-ee") hotel, dressed in a red blazer and black gloves, West did a bit of gloating.

"I have so much to stunt about that it baffles me," West says in the clip. "So I asked myself this question, and you can ask yourself the same: Who do you know with two thumbs and his own Louis shoe? This guy!"

The ever-humble West is excited about his recent sneaker collaboration with Louis Vuitton. He designed a monochrome mid-top sneaker with a quilted flap in the back — where else are you going to tuck your jeans?

West told the Web site Dazed Digital that he was contacted by the French luxury brand about collaborating. "They chose to contact me," he said. "Who wouldn't want to work with Louis Vuitton? They're the number-one luxury brand. It lets people know you like nice things."

West said he thought the red sneaker ripped the runway open. "As soon as they put that red, it was killer! It's like an accessory that can express your personality. Like an instant tattoo!"

Despite all the good news, West did have some serious news to share in his video. Surrounded by samples of his sneaker and unable to stop smiling, he said he has to change his name. West had been known as the Louis Vuitton Don, but the collaboration with Louis is the ultimate feather in his cap.

"Due to what has happened so severely when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name to Martin Louis the King Jr. Address me as such."