Our Night Out With Aubrey O'Day

The former Danity Kane singer invites MTV News to party at Sundance.

When we hit the town with Aubrey O'Day at Sundance last weekend, we knew we were in for a wild night. We did not know that night would include joining Paris Hilton and her entourage.

The former Danity Kane songstress invited us to tag along on Friday as she celebrated the opening weekend of the film festival with her best friend, Tiffany Palladine. We linked up with the duo at around 11:30 p.m. to head to the Axe Fix Nightclub, where DJ AM was scheduled to spin the night away.

En route to the party, O'Day shared her list of Sundance "dos and don'ts" with us. "A big don't is going out in cute, fashionable dresses without a jacket, which I'm doing tonight," she giggled. Number one on her list of "dos" was definitely hitting the slopes — Aubrey had a big day of snowboarding planned after her big night out.

"Events like this really make my job amazing," she gushed. "Sundance is such a small area, and there's so many people crammed in this area — it's like the feeling I get in New York, just tons of people walking the streets, and you can pick up on anyone's energy at any given time."

The Sundance veteran also told us about her favorite memory from past festivals, which, funny enough, involved the very man who made her career and then kicked her out of Danity Kane. "I was with my best friend and we ran into Puff," she recalled. "But I didn't see him, and all I know is that I'm walking off the slopes and someone smashed a huge snowball in my face. I swear, I had frostbite, and he held it there! So, he and I got in this huge snowball fight, we pushed each other down. It was hilarious!"

When we arrived at the event, O'Day was greeted by a throng of photographers on the red carpet, along with a few members of the press — who surprisingly didn't ask anything about her Playboy pictorial.

Inside the party, the folks from Axe showed Aubrey and Tiffany the royal treatment, dedicating a team of cocktail servers and party organizers to their table. Right off the bat the girls were dancing, taking photos with partygoers and enjoying a few drinks.

But it wasn't until around 12:30 that the party really went bananas. DJ AM was well into his set when all the heads in the club turned to see Paris Hilton and her crew take up their spot at a table across from Aubrey's. Soon after, Paris and Aubrey took over the dance floor as all eyes were on them.

After tearing it up for quite some time, Aubrey's and Paris' crews — including Paris' "New BFF" Brittany Flickinger — parted ways with our cameras and ventured off to two more parties that night.