Young Jeezy Didn't Expect Barack Obama To Endorse 'My President': Mixtape Monday

Plus: Maino makes his '09 predictions; Papoose gives legal advice.

Artist: Papoose

Representing: "Thugga, Thugga, Thuggacation!"

Mixtape: 21 Gun Salute

411: The title has nothing to do with rifles — Pap is all about the art.

"This is my 21st mixtape," Pap said. "I've been putting out quality music consistently. This is the 21st time. A lot of these dudes sign to the labels and sit around and wait for the label to make moves for them. I just got to get it out there to the people. Whether it be a single [or] mixtape, you will have quality. The whole project came together."

'Poose has a video for "All That" already on the Net, with a "Graffiti" clip coming soon.

Joints To Check For

» "Law Library Part 6." "The 'Library' series is basically me speaking on the judicial system," Pap explained. "A lot of people that's incarcerated don't know the laws that's in the library. That could be the difference between doing five or six years and coming home. People who's not incarcerated, we're not telling people to go out there and do a crime. But if you do get in one of those situations, it might help you get out. 'Part 6,' we start it off teaching you how to go to the grand jury, ways to not get indicted. It's teaching you about the law when it comes to robbery. I lost a lot of people to the judicial system. A lot of my people are doing a lot of time. I see people go in there get railroaded, misrepresented. So I'm just using my music to educate them."

» "All That." "It's just New York slang," he said of the phrase. "A lot of regions got their ways of representing themselves and their slang. 'All that' is something New Yorkers say. It's a real catchy, catchy phrase that I put in song form."

» "Graffiti." "Graffiti is a lost element in hip-hop," Pap said. "Something people don't represent like they should. A lot of brothers lost their lives going in the subway just trying to tag their name up. I'm just trying to represent for all the graffiti artists out there, man. I'm in it for the respect. That's one of the reasons I'm in this. Regardless of radio spins or TV coverage, write my name in graffiti. The streets know what it is."

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The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Last week, before performing the "My President" remix with Jay-Z in Washington, D.C., Young Jeezy told MTV News that even though his song was inspired by Barack Obama, he didn't expect the president to come out and endorse it. Jeezy is fully aware that there is still a certain distance the commander in chief has to maintain.

"I'm a street cat 100 percent, but there's certain things I had to distance myself between too if I wanna lead the way for the rest of us, if I wanna spit that game back to the 'hood," Jeezy said. " ... I don't expect Obama to come send me a thank-you letter for the song. I feel like he did his thing, and I did what I could to help."

Jeezy voted for Obama in November and said casting his ballot felt like "buying a new car. Buying a new Bentley off the lot with no co-sign at 17 years old."

Jeezy said MCs besides Jay-Z have sent in verses for a "My President" remix, but he was especially excited about working with Hov.

"That's Jay!" he laughed. "Jay is one of the dudes I always respected his craft in the game. Definitely his hustle. For me and him to do so much, I feel like we cut from the same cloth. Great minds always meet at the top. And they do things.

"The song was powerful already with Nas; now Jay is on there," he added. "We got a few more people on the remix." ...

Brooklyn behemoth Maino promises a new single soon but wanted to make sure he started 2009 off right by serving the streets. So he released "Letter to Pac," on which he speaks directly to the slain icon, and "Prediction 09."

"I like to have fun and do different things," he said. "I knew we was coming into the new year. Some people are waiting for me; some people are waiting to hear I'm never gonna come out again. I have a monster record that's about to drop, so I said, 'Let's start throwing things out before the single comes out.' So I took the Skillz idea, which was '08 Rap-Up,' and said, 'Let me flip that: "09 Predictions." ' I like to do things different."

Here, Maino breaks down a few of his forecasts:

"This Year, Remy Ma Gonna Win Her Appeal."

"Remy, I would love for her to get out. For her to be in prison right now is crazy. I been in prison, but I was in jail at a time when I didn't have a career. I didn't even have a child. And she had a career. She was doing her thing. To have that and go to prison I guess is hard. I definitely wanna see her win. That's one of my positive predictions for the year."

"Got a Feeling That Cam'ron, He Gonna Pop Back"

"I got a feeling that some way, he's gonna pop up. I don't know why I feel like that. I thought about all the people who haven't been here in a while and hasn't been on the scene and dropping records. He came to mind. I was like, 'Man, I got a feeling he's gonna come back.' I don't know what capacity, but he's gonna come back."

"We Finally Gonna See 50 Cent on 'Oprah' "

"I would like to see that. I'm very interested in seeing her talk to a real dude. That day I [recorded the song], I was driving in my car and listening to 50 talk about it. He was on the radio and was talking about the Oprah thing. I was like, 'He's sending shots at her,' but what if she said, 'I'mma bring the dude on here and see what he got to say.' That would be real interesting. I think it would be big for hip-hop. She's not gonna cry [during the interview]. That would be very high ratings."

"Foxy Brown Is Gonna Come Out With a Sex Tape"

"If you gonna tell me she ain't finished, what are you telling me? She's finished — not because she's not talented. She's finished because she's a head case. I think people would pay to her see her sex tape. We're living in a time where sex tapes are almost cool. Why not make a sex tape? She's not going to make it rapping."

"Yung Berg Still Won't Get His Chain Back"

"Impossible for him to get his chain back. Yung Berg caught a bad one last year. We know his chain went on tour."

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