Zooey Deschanel Is Having 'Fun, As Always' Working On She & Him Follow-Up

'I've been writing a lot, and we've been recording some,' actress/singer tells MTV News at Sundance.

Last month, [movieperson id="236669"]Zooey Deschanel[/movieperson] set the indie world on its ear (and gave hope to pasty white guys the world over) when it was announced that she was engaged to Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard. Now, she's looking to do the same thing again, only with an album.

Or, more specifically, a second album ... of [artist id="3000112"]She & Him[/artist] songs.

After bowling over fans and critics alike with last year's Volume One, Deschanel is hard at work on the follow-up, writing and recording once again with She & Him musical partner [artist id="1224909"]M. Ward[/artist].

"We're working on it. I can't say exactly when it will be finished. ... Give me some time! I need a break!" she laughed. "I've been writing a lot, and we've been recording some, so, hopefully, I don't know. I don't want to put a number on it, but it's going well and, I mean, it's fun, as always."

Deschanel stopped short of revealing any additional details about the new S&H album — after all, when MTV News spoke to her, it was at Sundance, where she was on hand to promote her upcoming role in the karaoke-fueled romantic comedy "500 Days of Summer" — but she was more than willing to admit that making the film was easy. And not just because she's musically inclined.

"Yeah, I'm a romantic, but I'm not a romantic in the traditional sense. I like to romanticize what happens to me," Deschanel said. "Whatever happens to me — you could quantify it as good or bad — I romanticize it. I think along the lines of 'When that thing happened, it made me who I am.' That kind of thing. It's a different way of being romantic."

And will that sense of romance carry over to the new She & Him album? Will there be a cameo or three from her newly minted fiancé?

"That's none of your beeswax," she laughed. "Time will tell."