Michelle Trachtenberg 'So, So Excited' To Return To 'Gossip Girl'

Actress, who plays mean girl Georgina Sparks, has been kept in dark about story line.

PARK CITY, Utah — Georgina Sparks is about to shake things up again in the "Gossip Girl" world. The actress behind the pre-eminent foe to a laundry list of "Gossip Girl" characters, Michelle Trachtenberg, admits that she's ready to get back to making life hell on New York's Upper East Side.

"I am so, so excited. I love 'Gossip Girl.' They are so great to me there," she told MTV News when we caught up with her at Sundance. "I get to look freaking fantastic, if I do say so myself, and I get to be a nasty bi---, which is always fun. Why not?"

Trachtenberg admits that at this point the only detail about her return that she currently knows is that she will most likely look great in the clothes. "I have absolutely no idea what the story line will entail," she said. "I'm not just throwing a bunch of crap your way. I really actually don't know what will be going on."

She attributes this lack of knowledge to the fact that the creative minds behind the show "don't trust their actors." "When I first signed on to 'Gossip Girl' I was like, 'Hey, what's up, Josh Schwartz?' " she recalled of meeting the show's creator. "He was like, 'Well, uh, your name's Georgina. You're a bi---. It's going to be awesome, wanna do it?' Like, that was all the info I got. So they're very, very strict and don't tell us anything. Actors are not to be trusted."

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Georgina is the queen bee of mean girls, but does Trachtenberg hope she can tone it down a bit this time around? "Well, I think in order to have a fully dimensional character you have to show every facet of their personality, so nothing is out of the question," she said. "I'm evil. I think there's a reason why people are nasty. There's a reason why people are mean. So it would be nice to find out why Georgina is the way she is. But I have no idea. You guys will have to wait and find out."

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