Malia And Sasha Obama Win Big Scavenger-Hunt Prize: The Jonas Brothers!

First daughters find the Jonas boys in White House game.

On Tuesday night, while President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were dancing the night away at inaugural balls throughout Washington, D.C., their daughters, first kids Sasha and Malia, had what might be the best scavenger hunt ever.

ABC News reports that the first daughters, as well as their friends from their new school, Sidwell Friends, enjoyed a movie night featuring the films "Bolt," starring Miley Cyrus, and "High School Musical 3," starring heartthrob Zac Efron. But the fun didn't end there. The night also featured a history lesson about the White House in the form of a scavenger hunt held in their new home.

After they took in the movies, the girls made their way around the house, guessing the answers to trivia questions posed during the scavenger hunt. When they got to the final door, they opened it up to reveal their prize: the [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist], which has to be one of the best scavenger-hunt prizes ever. The JoBros just happen to be young Sasha and Malia's favorite band.

The guys also performed for the first daughters at Monday's night's Disney bash, "Kids' Inaugural: We Are the Future," where they brought the girls onstage during their performance of their hit song "Burnin' Up."

A similar scavenger hunt was held for Chelsea Clinton in 1993. Perhaps '90s R&B sensation Boyz II Men was the prize back then?