'America's Best Dance Crew' Judge Weighs In On Obamas' Dancing

'It looked like my man got rhythm,' Shane Sparks tells MTV News after the first couple's first dance.

If Barack and Michelle Obama decide they want to ditch this whole president thing to take their dancing act on the road, "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks thinks they might need some practice first.

But, let's be honest: They have more important things on their minds.

"Their posture wasn't perfect," Sparks told MTV News just moments after the first couple finished their first dance. "I would honestly say I'm sure they could take a few lessons. They could use a little Shane Sparks in there. I would like to see them drop it like it's hot. Obama don't seem like that type to get out and spin on his head."

Sparks was joking, of course, and actually thought the couple did quite well given the pressure of sharing such an intimate moment with the entire world.

"I think they did really good," Sparks said. "I was actually really proud. It looked like my man got rhythm. It looked like he was in control. ... It looked like he really loved her, and I loved that."

And it was that chemistry that made up for any lack of experience these two may have in the dancing department. "It's almost like no one else was around. They probably can't wait to get home and relax," he said. "I think they did a really good job."

Sparks thinks the Obamas might have sought professional advice before the big night. "It was really smooth," he said. "It looked like they knew exactly what they did and when they wanted to do it. It was 50/50. It wasn't perfect, but the good thing was they didn't look uptight."

So if the Obamas decide to make a cameo on "ABDC," what score would Sparks give them? "On technique, I would give them an 8. On loving each other, I would have give them a 10. And on the way they were dressed, I would have given them a 9." (One of our bloggers begs to differ about Michelle's dress.)

He does have some advice for the couple if they want a perfect 10: "Come to Los Angeles, come to the Millennium Dance Complex, and I will hook them up."

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