Lily Allen Puts Katy Perry Feud To Bed

'There's actually nothing going on,' singer says.

Say what you will about [artist id="2389411"]Lily Allen[/artist], but one thing's for certain: She fights to the death (of a story, at least).

In a recent interview with MTV UK, the 23-year-old — who's never been one to curb her feelings — discussed, among other things, her new album It's Not Me, It's You (which hits stores February 10) and, briefly, her feud with Katy Perry.

It all started when Perry once described herself as a "fatter version of [artist id="1742872"]Amy Winehouse[/artist] and the skinnier version of Lily Allen," a statement Perry later claimed she "didn't mean anything by" and that she was "kind of joking and trying to be funny." Allen considered the statement "crass," and expanded the reasons for her grudge against Perry to include that she was supposedly signed and marketed as an American version of the kooky, pop-singing Brit. "It's, like, you're not English and you don't write your own songs — shut up!" Allen explained, additionally refuting the comparison.

And then, last week, Allen volunteered on her Facebook page that she has Perry's number and is "just waiting for her to open her mouth one more time then it hits Facebook." Perhaps fearing that she may make a cameo on the next Jerky Boys album, Perry's kept a tight lip. Allen, however, has not.

"I didn't say anything that was rude, I just said she wasn't English and she doesn't write her own songs," she explained again during the MTV UK interview. But perhaps the feud's finally been put to rest as Allen also assured that "there's actually nothing going on."