Voletta Wallace, Biggie's Mom, Says She 'Felt Bad' For Lil' Kim

After seeing 'Notorious,' Wallace says Big 'did not treat her well.'

[artist id="13432"]Notorious B.I.G.'s[/artist] mom, Voletta Wallace, says she wants to speak to [artist id="934"]Lil' Kim[/artist]. In the wake of the Queen Bee's comments that she was going to eventually "expose" Ms. Wallace and Faith Evans, Ms. Wallace told radio personality Angie Martinez yesterday that after watching the film [movie id="360770"]"Notorious,"[/movie] she had remorse for the way her son treated Kim.

"I felt bad for Kim," Wallace said. "Bad because Christopher did not treat her well. Christopher didn't love her the way she deserved to be loved. I honestly felt Christopher cheated on her, Christopher lied to her."

Wallace also that Big's whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage to [artist id="21433"]Faith Evans[/artist] undoubtedly hurt Kim (watch a clip from "Notorious" depicting the love triangle here), with whom he was also romantically involved.

"If you're gonna get married and you're dating somebody and seeing somebody, at least sit down and talk to this person. Don't just go get married and walk away from somebody that really cared for you. I really felt bad for her."

Wallace said she and Kim — who has spoken negatively about the film — haven't spoken for quite some time, but should they meet up again, Big's mom has some specific questions.

"I want to believe she loved him," Wallace — who called the Big/Kim relationship "tumultuous" — explained to Martinez. "I want to know: Did my son love you?"

It wasn't until Big's death that his mother learned the extent of his and Kim's relationship, she said, adding that she knew Kim as an artist and "talented performer."

"I never knew that relationship was really that deep," Wallace commented.

[movie id="360770"]"Notorious"[/movie] opens in theaters Friday (January 16).