Perez Hilton Responds To Aubrey O'Day's Dis -- Nastily

Celebrity blogger has some strong words for ex-Danity Kane singer, who recently confirmed Playboy pictorial.

[artist id="2400155"]Ex-Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day[/artist] may be looking for celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to "put something good out there in the world," but Perez doesn't look like he's interested.

Speaking with MTV News late last year, O'Day challenged a blogger to become "the new Perez Hilton, the positive Perez Hilton."

"I think that there is so much negativity out there, and it's doing no one any good," she explained. "It's not doing the people that sit there and think of the nasty thoughts and spend the 10 to 20 hours of their day typing them up [any good].

"It's not doing the people that read them any good [either], because it's just consistently putting negativity in the air."

However, on Thursday (January 15), the self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media" threw some strong words right back at Ms. O'Day, who recently confirmed an upcoming Playboy pictorial and has spoken out about her sexuality.

"Bless her heart!" he said. "I challenge her to wear more clothes and less makeup!"

On top of that challenge for the former Danity Kane member, Perez added that it doesn't matter to him what O'Day has to say about what he does for living, because he thinks she's a "hypocrite."

"It's hard for me to take anyone seriously who is a complete hypocrite and attention whore," he told MTV News. "She says that she wants me to be more positive, yet at the same time she is craving my attention and wants to be on my Web site."

But, it's not all bad blood between these two. Perez did have one positive thing to say to O'Day — er, sort of ...

"Good luck with your 'career'!"

MTV News will have lots more from our exclusive sit-down with Aubrey O'Day in the coming days!