Check Out 'American Idol' Judge Kara DioGuardi's Fake Rock Band, Platinum Weird

Elaborate fictional backstory was created around songs DioGuardi had written for Pussycat Dolls.

Back in 2004, "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi and [artist id="6853"]Eurythmics [/artist] vet/producer Dave Stewart were commissioned to write some songs for the [artist id="1841713"]Pussycat Dolls [/artist] that ultimately were felt not to be appropriate for the group. So instead, the duo created a "band that didn't really exist" called Platinum Weird.

"Kara was so nervous about the idea of singing and being an artist because she had such a bad rejection experience earlier on," Stewart told The New York Times. "It's partly the reason in my mind we created a band that didn't really exist."

The duo recorded some of the songs and made up a backstory for the group. That fictional backstory later become the subject of a VH1 mockumentary focused around a 1970s-era [artist id="11071"]Fleetwood Mac[/artist]-esque band called Platinum Weird and its ethereal lead singer Erin Grace, as well as Stewart. In the mockumentary, rock icons like [artist id="984"]Elton John[/artist], [artist id="515"]Mick Jagger[/artist] and [artist id="13288"]Stevie Nicks[/artist] make appearances.

The backstory basically goes like this: A young Stewart, wanting to make it as a musician, meets a lovely young woman named Erin Grace. The pair become "soul mates" and begin writing songs together, forming Platinum Weird.

Soon after the band started recording, Erin disappears. But in the mockumentary, Stevie Nicks says that Erin turned up in Los Angeles. Years later, DioGuardi, living in New York, meets her mentor, an older hippie woman. DioGuardi then meets Stewart, sings a song that Erin taught her (unaware of the connection), and Stewart then realizes that Erin was her mentor. He reforms the Platinum Weird with DioGuardi.

The "real" Platinum Weird, DioGuardi and Stewart, released an album in 2006, aptly titled Make Believe. "I would never be prepared for [judging 'Idol'] without having done that," she told the Times about the experience.

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