'American Idol' Hopeful Emily Wynne-Hughes Wears Alcohol-Monitoring Bracelet

Go Betty Go punk-rocker was arrested for DUI in July, TMZ reports.

Just about every season of [url id="/news/topics/a/american_idol/"]"American Idol"[/url] has had a rocker girl with a bad side. Last year, it was gravel-voiced, Harley-riding nurse Amanda Overmyer. The year before that, there was Gina Glocksen.

And this year, if she makes the cut, it could be tattooed, pink-haired Emily Wynne-Hughes. The [artist id="1244373"]Go Betty Go[/artist] singer — who admitted during her Phoenix audition that she'd have to ditch her all-girl band's European tour if she made it to Hollywood — might be the first true punk rocker to make it to Hollywood, and, according to TMZ, the first "Idol" contestant to make it to later rounds wearing an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.

The site reports that Wynne-Hughes — who has already gained a measure of Internet infamy for a photo in which she moons the camera — is wearing a SCRAM bracelet, following a July arrest for driving under the influence in West Hollywood.

The singer, who made it through to the Hollywood round with her gritty take on [artist id="9016"]Heart[/artist]'s "Barracuda," reportedly pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving and was ordered to wear the bracelet and serve three years probation. TMZ said there may be an upcoming hearing in which the judge could rescind the order for the SCRAM device. But for now, Wynne-Hughes has to continue wearing it. All the fuss might be for naught, though, if VotefortheWorst.com is to be believed. According to unconfirmed reports on the "Idol" spoiler site, Wynne-Hughes does not make it past the Hollywood round.

Either way, this is not Wynne-Hughes' first time in the Hollywood spotlight. In addition to Go Betty Go being signed to the respected punk label SideOneDummy, the singer made headlines back in February 2007, when she happened to work at Body and Soul Tattoo in California. That's the place where Britney Spears got a pair of tattoos after famously shaving her head, and Wynne-Hughes was widely quoted by UsMagazine.com and other gossip publications about the incident. [url id="http://newsroom.mtv.com/2009/01/15/american-idol-hopeful-emily-wynne-hughes-and-britney-spears-the-connection-revealed/"](For more on the Emily-Britney incident, head to the Newsroom blog.)[/url]

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