Plies Talks New Video, 'Emotional' Records

'I just opened up my whole life,' rapper says of songs on Da Realist.

"Everybody is calling it a #1 record," [artist id="2034479"]Plies[/artist] said recently on the Atlanta set of the video for his song "Want It, Need It." The clip, which features [artist id="1165858"]Ashanti[/artist], reworks the 1987 R&B classic "Two Occasions." "It's a hell of a record — an old Babyface sample. ... Actually, it was the Deel that first used it; Babyface used it after that. It's one of those records that people in the radio world considered a 'first-listen record.' It's me being me. It's a female-driven record to a certain extent, but it's me speaking to the goons as usual. I think that chemistry is something that always works for me. A lot of stations already jumped out and are banging the record."

"Oh boy, I think of you on two occasions/ That's when I want it/ That's when I need it," Ashanti sings on the chorus.

"I'm on call for you seven days a week," Plies raps. "Sex on delivery, S.O.D."

Records like these off his latest, Da Realist, are a reason why Plies isn't in too much of rush to release a new album. His first three LPs came within several months of each other, which is swift turnaround, even for a hip-hop artist.

"This 'Street Light' record with Sean Garrett is a monster. 'Plenty Money,' 'F--- U Gon' Do 'Bout It,' I've been hearing is a classic," Plies said about the reaction to his LP, which dropped on December 16. "I'm gonna gage the temperature on it. I'm gonna see where this third album takes me. With the economy being how it is, you have to be more patient — especially in the urban field. When you look at the changes going around the country, I don't think the pop side is experiencing [the sales decline] what we're experiencing on the hip-hop side. I look at my situation for what it's worth."

Da Realist's most 'emotional' record, according to its author, is "Family Straight." On it he talks about a myriad of his loved ones' trials and tribulations.

"Last 10 years momma been working twice a day," the Fort Myers, FL native raps on the chorus. "Grandma on the kidney machine, she done lost all the weight/ My auntie go AIDS, she starting to lose her faith/ My brother back in prison, second time he done gone away/ My daddy still smoking that sh-- I can see it in his face/ My lil' cousin, 16, pregnant from a n---a 38..."

"It's a gift that God has given me that I thank him for a on a day-to-day basis," Plies explained. "I think it's so important for me to open myself up to this country and put my pain on records. People use my words of encouragement for therapy, and I feel like on this particular record, I just opened up my whole life. To match the visuals with it, it's probably one of the most jumped-on viewed videos of my career. This record is s a no-brainer record. It's a personal record and it's reality situations in my life right now. I was in Atlanta and I got the call from my mom — she was crying — that my grandmother's heart had stopped. That's the person I was talking about in the song."