'American Idol' Auditions Are Better (And Worse) Than Ever

We got a sneak peek at some tryouts, and you'll need to brace yourself for a few of them ...

"American Idol" auditions are back, and they're better than ever — as you've come to expect, they will once again have an amazing mix of the good, the bad and the ear-splittingly ugly when the show returns to Fox on Tuesday.

MTV News has gotten a sneak peek at some of the auditions, and you'll need to brace yourself for a few of them ... like when one girl decided to take on Bette Midler's "The Rose." Based on her desire to continue with the song despite the judges' laughter, it seems this tone-deaf young woman hasn't yet realized she can't actually sing.

Meanwhile, another colorfully dressed young woman embarked on the Patti LaBelle classic, "Lady Marmalade," and, well, her singing style was as colorful as her outfit. Another guy belted out "Stars" by Simply Red, causing Kara DioGuardi to recoil in horror as Randy Jackson jokingly added, "Let it out."

Then there are the auditions you don't mind listening to — one girl sang "Bubbly" by [artist id="2575099"]Colbie Caillat[/artist] and, even though she did well, she continued to sing despite Simon asking her to stop. Another girl took on "Superstar" by the Carpenters; she had a sweet voice. Another contestant sang Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You," and his country twang fit the song perfectly.

In addition to a slew of new contestants, the show's new judge Kara DioGuardi is adjusting to life on the hit talent competition. "It took a minute to be yourself and also find a place in the show where you weren't at all detracting from the people around you or inhibiting them in any way," DioGuardi said in a conference call with reporters Thursday. "It's something I'm still working on. I think I'm there."

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