Rumer Willis, Miss Golden Globe, Looks Ahead To Acting -- And Rapping? -- Career

The 20-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore joined a long history of successful future actors.

On Sunday night, [movieperson id="350690"]Rumer Willis[/movieperson] — a.k.a. the daughter of [movieperson id="91412"]Demi Moore[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="67397"]Bruce Willis[/movieperson] — had the distinction of being [news id="1602488"]Miss Golden Globe[/news] at the awards show. It is one of the many steps the 20-year-old is taking in trying to make it in Hollywood as a legitimate actress.

"I'm actually really excited," she told about being chosen for the role (a distinction that is chosen, like the awards themselves, by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association).

When asked if her mom helped her get ready for the big night, Rumer responded, "She hasn't really [helped]. She just kind of helped me pick out my dress, but that's about it."

Willis was supposed to be Miss Golden Globe at last year's show, but the ceremony was canceled due to the writers' strike. In the past, other celebrities' spawn, some of whom have gone on to become famous themselves, have held the title of Miss (or Mr.) Golden Globe, including Melanie Griffith, Laura Dern, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Linda Evans.

So, could Willis be the next Miss Golden Globe to gain real Hollywood fame? Perhaps. She's already starred in several films like "Hostage" and "The House Bunny." MTV News [news id="1593211"]caught up with the actress[/news] when [movie id="363551"]"The House Bunny"[/movie] came out last summer.

"The movie is less about Playboy and Hef than about two different groups of women," she explained. "Everybody thinks the popular girls don't get kicked out, but she's the ideal woman, and she gets kicked out of her house. We help each other to find our way."

She also talked about launching a career in music. "I would actually really like that," she said. "We had an opportunity to write part of a rap that's at the end of ['The House Bunny'], and [co-star] Katharine [McPhee] sang. We had a great time."

On top of her dream of one day releasing an album, Willis has a bunch of movies ready to go in 2009, including "Wild Cherry," "Sorority Row" and "Slightly Single in L.A."

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