Tracy Morgan Welcomes Golden Globes Audience To 'Post-Racial America'

Comedian snags '30 Rock' award from Tina Fey, who had another chance onstage when she also won for acting.

It took a lot to stop the historical juggernaut "John Adams" at the Golden Globes on Sunday night (January 11). With three acting wins and a nod for best miniseries, only the weight of modern history could slow the Adams Express. And who better to represent that face than an alleged distant cousin of Thomas Jefferson, Tracy Jordan — a.k.a. "30 Rock" star [movieperson id="263704"]Tracy Morgan[/movieperson]?

In one of the night's most Globe-y moments, after it was announced that show creator, writer and star [movieperson id="299435"]Tina Fey[/movieperson] would accept the Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy award for "30 Rock," co-star Morgan snatched the award from Fey's hands and announced, "Tina Fey and I had an agreement that if Barack Obama won, I would speak for the show from now on."

Wearing a white tuxedo and raising his arms, Morgan added, "Welcome to post-racial America! I am the face of post-racial America. Deal with it, Cate Blanchett! We'd like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press ... especially me, 'cause a black man can't get no love at the Emmys. I love you, Europe! That's what's up!"

In his signature WTF stream-of-consciousness style, Morgan gave shout-outs to "Lornie Mikes" (a.k.a. "30 Rock" producer Lorne Michaels), "Coca-Cola," "Petey Cam with the golden handheld," "the lady over at craft services" and, at the prompting of co-star Alec Baldwin, "Jay-Z" (a.k.a. NBC CEO Jeff Zucker). The actual Jay-Z, in the audience with nominated wife Beyoncé Knowles, grinned and seemed OK with sharing his stage name with the NBC consigliere for the night.

Fey got her chance to talk moments later, when she won for Best Performance by an Actress in Television Series - Musical or Comedy for her role as the loveably schlumpy Liz Lemon on "30 Rock." With her signature glasses and sweats in the closet in favor of a plunging-neckline black dress, Fey joked that she's always loved the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and, as a kid, had "all the Hollywood Foreign Press action figures."

On a more serious note, she said she felt very lucky to have the year she's had — which included the deluge of awards for "Rock" and her lauded turn as Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her old stomping grounds, "Saturday Night Live."

But, she added, "If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the Internet, and you can find a lot of people there who don't like you. I'd like to address some of them now. BabsonLacrosse, you can suck it. ... Cougar Letter, you can really suck it, 'cause you've been after me all year."

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