Travis Barker, DJ AM Rock Las Vegas

Shirtless Barker's burn scars from plane crash were visible during show.

A week after Travis Barker and DJ AM returned to the stage together for the first time since surviving a September 19 plane crash that killed four people, they decided that it was finally time to take their drums-and-decks show on the road — or at least to Las Vegas.

On Wednesday night at Vegas club LAX, the dynamic duo did just that, performing a 45-minute set before a star-studded crowd that included Barker's estranged wife, Shanna Moakler and Dr. Dre.

But perhaps more remarkable than the gig itself are the photos taken from the crowd, which first appeared on sites like early Thursday morning. They show Barker — in his customary baggy shorts and backwards ballcap — hammering away at his drumkit ... shirtless. The only visible injury from the crash appears to be a large pink scar that covers the small and middle of his back, but of course he suffered extensive burns on the lower part of his body as well.

Check out Barker and DJ A.M. spin in Sin City.

It's just the latest step in a remarkable recovery for Barker, who, according to doctors at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, suffered "second-and-third degree burns ... on his torso and lower body" after escaping from the jet crash that killed four others, including his assistant, "Little" Chris Baker, and a security guard, Charles "Che" Still. AM suffered burns to his head and arm.

In the weeks following the crash, Barker was transferred from the Still Burn Center to a facility in Los Angeles, where he underwent several skin-graft surgeries before being released on October 17.

A month later, Barker's bandmate and friend, Mark Hoppus, told MTV News that the drummer was "healing incredibly well," and couldn't wait to get back behind his drumkit.