Golden Globe Fashion Hits And Misses

Beyoncé took all the wrong risks, while Nicole Kidman was daring in a good way.

The Golden Globes are only days away — and MTV News will be here all week long to get you geared up for the big night with profiles, previews and fashion galore. It all comes to a head Sunday night, when we'll have more coverage than you can throw a shiny statuette at. Mark your calendars: Sunday, January 11, is the night, and this is the place to be!

With every awards show comes the chance for a celebrity to really stand out. That can sometimes be a fantastic opportunity to transform that star into a fashionista — but sometimes, it can be really, really catastrophic.

Either way, it gets people talking. So let's count down the best- and worst-dressed actors and actresses in recent Golden Globe history.

Best Dressed

5. Scarlett Johansson in 2006: In a va-va-voom red dress that even Isaac Mizrahi couldn't keep his hands off of, Scarlett showed that when a dress' color matches your name and it's low-cut enough, it's guaranteed to make an impression.

4. Charlize Theron in 2004: Charlize Theron j'adored Dior in a pale-yellow, frilly gown in 2004. It was perfectly complemented by her soft, wavy hair, a diamond bracelet and boyfriend Stuart Townsend.

3. Keira Knightley in 2006: The actress accentuated her svelte frame in a white column gown. But the dress wasn't just any old Valentino gown, thanks to the bow and tassels that hugged her waist.

2. Brangelina in 2007: Decked out in formal gear, [movieperson id="50260"]Brad Pitt[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="31834"]Angelina Jolie[/movieperson] looked like the reigning king and queen in 2007. She looked fabulous in a slate-gray gown and yellow-diamond accessories, and he looked dapper in a tuxedo and tie.

1. Nicole Kidman in 2005: Sure, it may have appeared to be just a deep-blue, satin gown, but with the addition of the peacock feathers, Kidman handily escalated the look. It was simple and sophisticated, but the feathers added that touch of uniqueness that allowed the actress to show her quirky sense of style.

Worst Dressed

5. Reese Witherspoon in 2006: On first glance, the dress seemed kind of cool, but its proportions were strange and cut petite Witherspoon off at weird spots on her body (like the bodice area), making the dress appear ill-fitted and her body look strange.

4. Johnny Depp in 2006: Looking disheveled and unkempt, Depp only complicated matters by wearing a black suit with a red shirt and no tie. He also made a fashion faux pas by being matchy-matchy and wearing red and black dress shoes.

3. Penélope Cruz in 2007: In a bizarre ode to the Old West, Cruz's black, multi-tiered gown, in combination with her bouffant-like hairstyle, just seemed to be too much for the usually well-heeled star.

2. Beyoncé in 2003: Perhaps trying to win the Golden Globe for most fabulous prom dress, Beyoncé's floral-embroidered gown seemed a bit immature for the Golden Globes, especially given Beyoncé's usual flair for Vegas style.

1. Diane Kruger in 2005: In a dress that was a strange nod to gladiator gypsy style, Kruger's dress showed a lot of skin in the least sexy way possible. Perhaps having beau

[movieperson id="30823"]Joshua Jackson[/movieperson] by her side would have made her look more appropriate.

We're all over the Golden Globes! MTV News will be rolling out profiles, previews, fashion and much more in the days leading up to the awards — and this is the place to be on Sunday night, when we'll have live blogs, photos, interviews and more!

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