Asher Roth Helps Subdue Would-Be Plane-Bomber

MC and his bandmates are among passengers who helped restrain man who claimed he had a bomb.

Asher Roth has had quite a week, and not just because he was named one of our "MCs to Watch in 2009": On Wednesday (January 7), he and several fellow passengers subdued a man who claimed he had a bomb and assaulted at least one crew member of a Delta Airlines flight bound for Los Angeles from Atlanta, his publicist confirmed to MTV News.

According to The Associated Press, FBI spokesperspon Laura Eimiller said the man announced he had a bomb as the plane was landing at Los Angeles International Airport. The man "lunged for one of the doors" once the flight had landed, but according to Roth's rep, the MC's guitarist, Chris Llewellyn, was the first to tackle the man, and Roth and other fellow passengers joined in. Crew members then bound the man with plastic ties, according to the AP. Llewellyn remained behind to talk to the FBI, his rep said, while Roth rushed to make his call time for his appearance on "Last Call With Carson Daly."

The man was detained by FBI agents and the Los Angeles airport police, and could face federal and state charges, according to the AP. Eimiller said that he was currently being interviewed by authorities, but his motive and mental state were not immediately clear. She said no bomb was found, although the plane and the man's baggage were searched for explosives.

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