Aubrey O'Day Talks About Her Future With 'Making The Band'

'I think there's a lot of misconceptions based off of Puff's portrayal of me as a person,' former Danity Kane star says.

In October, Diddy very publicly kicked Aubrey O'Day out of [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane [/artist] during the season finale of "Making the Band." It had many fans wondering if O'Day would be back for another season of the show — but for now, O'Day says she doesn't see it in the cards.

"You never know if I'll be involved in the new season, but as of now, no," she told MTV News. "I'd really like to just move past 'Making the Band' and start making my own career. But you never know."

While she's continued to make headlines with talk about her sexuality and rumors of a Playboy pictorial, her musical plans for the new year are more vague, so making a cameo on the show that made her a star may not be completely out of the question. "I have love and respect for the entire situation and if I should need to go back and give a little love and respect to 'Making the Band,' then so be it," she said.

O'Day admitted that she misses her former bandmates.

"I'm sad," she said. "I think that Danity Kane is an amazing group and I think that we made amazing music. We had great albums."

She added that things that might not have made it into the show or into headlines made it difficult for the group to go on as it was. "There's always tons that goes on behind the scenes and that's usually the part that matters most.

"There's not much you can do about that situation," she added. "Puff needed to do what's best for him, and so now it's my time to do what's best for me."

And that may mean trying to change some perceptions of her. She said she feels [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] may have had the wrong impression, and now that she's on her own she can show people who she really is.

"I think there's a lot of misconceptions based off of Puff's portrayal of me as a person, that I'm trying to be this or trying to be that," she said. "I'm not trying to be anything."

We'll have lots more from our interview with Aubrey O'Day in the coming days — and be sure to check back on Wednesday the 14th, when we'll have some big news!