50 Cent Premieres New Single, 'I Get It In,' Featuring Beat Dr. Dre Recorded For Eminem

Second single from Before I Self Destruct gets Funkmaster Flex stamp of approval in New York radio debut.

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] has teased us for months with talk — or lack thereof — about his new big collaboration with [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist]. On Monday night, he got one of the hip-hop industry's most craved endorsements: a debut of the record on Hot 97 with DJ Funkmaster Flex dropping bombs of approval while the song played. After its premiere, the next single from Before I Self Destruct, "I Get It In," had been blasted all over the 'Net by Tuesday morning (January 6).

50 starts off shouting out several brands of liquor, then breaks down some of his club exploits and adventures as a heartbreak kid: "I can't be responsible for what I say or I do when I talk intoxicated/ Shawty say I told her I love her/ I put her out the next morning saying, 'Bi---, I must have been faded.

"Sat-tur-daaay! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we get it in/ I need a drink/ Get me a drink," he insists on the chorus.

The beat, which has New York b-boy drum boom-bap and Left Coast synth splashes, was pilfered from studio sessions in which Dr. Dre gave tracks to Eminem, 50 told Mixtape Monday in November.

"I did a song produced by Dr. Dre," 50 said. "I got the production from Detroit, because Dre was working with Em right before I got out there. I just missed him. I went through Em's computer and found what I needed. Yes, I did. I got me the record I needed. I was like, 'Wait till they hear this.' I wrote it; Em heard it. He was like, 'You gotta keep that for yourself. This is too crazy.' First, I think he was gonna take it from me, then he was like, 'He gotta use that for himself.' "

The first offering from Before I Self Destruct was "Get Up," which 50 classified as just an initial taste of the album. "My song 'Get Up' is performing great. I'm happy with 'Get Up.' It moved faster than 'I Get Money' at radio," Fif said. "But I'm just looking for the opportunity to present more of my material [prior to the album's release]. It's not the strongest effort on my album; it's just a great start for me."

Before I Self Destruct is currently slated for a February 3 release. Interscope Records, 50's label, has not yet released any plans for a possible video for "I Get It In."