Aubrey O'Day Opens Up About Her Sexuality: 'I Think It's Funny That So Many People Care'

Ex-Danity Kane star will have big news to announce next week!

Aubrey O'Day certainly doesn't mind courting controversy, particularly with regard to her sexuality. The former [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] star recently suggested that she's bisexual, and rumors continue to fly that she posed for an upcoming issue of Playboy. Among many other things, she opened up about her sexuality during a recent sit-down with MTV News.

"I think it's funny that so many people care," O'Day said. "I mean, half the time, I don't even know who I'm gonna love or what I'm gonna feel comfortable exposing myself to."

The rumors about O'Day's bisexuality started to spread after she began hitting parties with girls on her arm. And for a woman who thrives on attention, O'Day admitted that the attention does make her a bit self-conscious. "I think [the fact] that so many people are wondering along with me definitely puts pressure on my choices!" she said.

"But one thing that I have to say about me that's really always gonna be true, whether people like it or not, is I'm just gonna be me."

It's a sentiment that she shared with the world on the "Making the Band" finale, after Diddy kicked her out of the group. "I'm gonna be real. I'm not gonna do anything because people want me to. I'm not gonna hide something about me."

Now that she's quite publicly trying to figure all this out, both professionally and personally, that openness isn't something she plans on changing anytime soon. "I've never gone into an interview in my life and said that we can't talk about something," she said. "I've seen since I've been in this industry, probably most of the people that I'm around do that. I don't wanna be that person. I don't wanna be someone who can't talk about who they are — the good and the bad."

And as long as people understand that, she doesn't mind being talked about.

"I just want to be real," she said. "I think we're missing a lot of real people, and just the idea that you can be real and be comfortable with that. I think people are scared to be who they are. And if anybody's gonna go out there and let everybody know, 'Be who you are. I'm OK with it. No judgment here.' I want it to be me."

We'll have lots more from our interview with Aubrey O'Day in the coming days — and be sure to check back on Wednesday the 14th, when we'll have some big news!