Lauren Conrad And Heidi Montag Make Up On 'The Hills' Finale

'It's been a long time and I think we've both grown a lot,' Heidi says of healing the rift.

On Monday night's season finale of "The Hills," former best friends Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad had a tearful reunion, telling each other that they miss the friendship they once had.

"The only thing missing in my life is you," Heidi tearfully told Lauren. And despite all the turmoil they've faced, Lauren promised Heidi that no matter what, she'd be there for her. "You know if you ever need anything, I'm here," she reminded her.

Heidi and Lauren (who had a "friendmance" with Spencer's one-time BFF Brody Jenner) famously ended their friendship after Heidi started dating Spencer — and the man at the center of it all couldn't help but find their little chat anything but a good old time. "It's great," he told MTV News at the finale. "I love it. It's very entertaining."

Meanwhile, Heidi and Lauren were a bit more serious when they spoke about the reunion to MTV News. "It was great," Lauren Conrad told MTV news. "I feel like it was kind of a long time coming. It was nice that we were finally able to come to a point where we could talk and be friendly. "

"We just saw each other briefly and it was good to see her," Heidi added. "It's been a long time, and I think we've both grown a lot."

Meanwhile, Audrina Patridge, who has her fair share of drama with Lauren, was happy to see that the duo were able to put some of the past behind them. "I think it's good. Everything takes time," she said. "It happens when it's supposed to."

Lauren's other best friends for life, Whitney Port and Lo Bosworth, were supportive of the possibility that maybe these two could make it work again. "I think it's awesome. I mean, I think it was inevitable," Port said. "I'm really happy for them."

"I think it's good," Lo added. "Everyone's going to have better understanding of what really happened."

During their reunion on the episode, Lauren reminded Heidi that she has a great mom and implied that maybe she should work on repairing their relationship. Earlier in the episode, Darlene, Heidi's mother, confronted Spencer and accused him of coercing Heidi into marrying him.

Perhaps in an effort to mend another bad relationship, Spencer decided not to legalize the marriage, but to wait to have a real reception that included their families. "I just had visions of her mom trying to kill me in my sleep, so I saw that as a possibility," Pratt told "We're on a better path."