Lil Wayne's Response To Being MTV News' 2008 Man Of The Year: 'Happy Holidays!'

'I truly do this for you!' a grateful Weezy tells his fans.

When [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] found out he was named [article id="1601504"]MTV News' 2008 Man of the Year[/article], he responded in typical Weezy-ian fashion: He wished everyone happy holidays.

To be fair, that's not all he said, but it's how he signed off in the e-mail he sent to MTV News, in between stops on his [article id="1600172"]I Am Music Tour[/article]. He also thanked his fans and his pals here in the newsroom, and he promised bigger things to come in 2009, if that's even possible. ([article id="1601618"]Fans and detractors alike weighed in on his Man of the Year status here[/article].) And while he was also plenty grateful for the honor, the way he chose to end his e-mail just struck us as being completely hilarious — something that could have only sprung from the wild mind of Wayne.

"What's up, MTV News! This is your boy Weezy comin' at you from the middle of my I Am Music Tour. I just heard the news about being named Man of the Year. Thanks to everyone at MTV and shout out to my man [MTV News Hip-Hop Editor] Shaheem [Reid] for keeping up on what we do," he wrote. "Finally, much love to all of the fans. I truly do this for you! And we're gonna keep it going in '09, so keep checkin' out MTV News! Happy Holidays!"

Wayne beat a field of contenders — including [article id="1601277"]T.I., Nick Jonas[/article], "Twilight" star [article id="1601350"]Robert Pattinson and Kanye West[/article] — to be named MTV News' Man of the Year, which is just the latest in an ongoing string of honors he's racked up recently. (See whether [article id="1601593"]Weezy's fellow artists agree that he's the Man this year here[/article].)

Earlier this week, the MTV Hip-Hop Brain Trust named his track "A Milli" as the [article id="1601236"]Top Hip-Hop Song of 2008[/article]. Oh, and there were the [article id="1600678"]eight Grammy nominations[/article] — more than any other artist — that he picked up a few weeks back. What can we say, he's had quite the year!