Lil Wayne's Fans And Detractors Debate His Man Of The Year Status

Is he the 'greatest rapper alive' or overrated? You guys weighed in.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] was everywhere this year. The guy did sell over a million copies of his album, Tha Carter III, in the first week, but there were was a slew of other reasons why we decided to name him our 2008 Man of the Year.

From his drug and gun busts to his eight Grammy nominations, Weezy has been on a roll. But how did you guys feel about him topping the list?

"Lil Wayne is king in the hip-hop game!" alkeepsitreal18 wrote. "Unless there is someone better out there, everyone else can just go away for a long summer. Don't bother coming back until you might be able to reach his level of hotness."

Another commenter, dkday26, chimed in to say, "He has the right to be number one on this list. Congrats on all your accomplishments. Continue the hard work and can't wait for the next album."

When MTV News caught up with music fans out in Times Square, there were many differing reactions. Cesarin Perez straightforwardly told us "No," when asked if Weezy should be #1. Josh Willenbrink laughed, asking, "For real?'

Meanwhile, Branden Sealey said he thought the win was well-deserved. "Yeah, well Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper alive." But his response was followed by Alex Cummins asking, "Who's Lil Wayne?"

Still, even people who don't listen to rap were jumping on the Weezy bandwagon. "I think he deserved it," Stephanie Freed said. "I like Lil Wayne. I'm not really that into rap. I go for more the Ryan Adams-esque folk music, but I think Lil Wayne's pretty awesome."

"I love Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne's awesome. He's hot one of the best artists we know," Raymond Ballow told us. Like Ballow, there were a lot of fans on the New York streets who were excited by his claim at the top spot. "Lil Wayne is the best," another fan said. "I want more Lil Wayne."

Of course, there are always detractors and for everyone who agreed that Wayne's the Man of the Year, there was someone who wanted it to be Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Barack Obama or Pete Wentz at the top of the list.

"I don't think so," Jessica Santoro said. "I'm not really into the Lil Wayne. I like rock better. And every time he sings, he sounds like he's taking a crap or something."

The debate doesn't end here! Share your year-end lists by uploading a video to or leaving a comment below.