MTV News' Woman Of The Year: Twilighters!

Your undying support for Edward and Bella left the movie's stars (and us!) awestruck.

When Hollywood dismissed [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] as a "one-quadrant" niche film, you responded by giving it a bigger opening than "WALL-E," "Chronicles of Narnia" or "Star Wars: Episode 1." When Harry Potter fans looked down their noses, you fired back by standing in midnight lines for hours to help "Breaking Dawn" rock the publishing industry. You took over Comic-Con, Westwood and the rest of the world.

If you're one of the millions of women who live and die by "Twilight," please take a quick glance into the nearest mirror — because MTV News' Woman of the Year is you.

Our sincerest apologies to male Stephenie Meyer lovers, Kaleb the Twilight Guy and, well, me. But even Forks fans of the testosterone persuasion have to admit that "Twilight" is a franchise driven by sincere, shrieking and borderline-stalker female fans.

Every list is controversial, and MTV News' Men and Women of the Year rankings are sure to get people talking. But ask yourself this: Can Britney Spears (#2) open a feature film at $70 million? Is Aubrey O'Day (#7) causing riots at your local Hot Topic? I don't think so.

On a personal note, I can say that the Twilighters deeply touched me and MTV News throughout 2008 as few fanbases have before. After I fell in love with the books at the beginning of the year, the fans embraced "Twilight" Tuesdays and our sincere commitment to bring you the very best coverage. We surprised you, named you and broke big news for you — and in exchange, you guys sent me into outer space.

Thanks for everything, Twilighters — and you can look forward to the much-anticipated return of "Twilight" Tuesdays sometime soon, as we officially begin the countdown to "New Moon." But first, let's look back at the notable moments that made you our 2008 MTV Woman of the Year.

1. Twilighters

2008 Highlights: Broke the existing MTV Movies Blog record for most commented-on item ... Responded in massive numbers when asked to submit fan photos for our first set visit, and some of the pics appeared in an on-air segment ... Sent us one of your own to be our "guest blogger," then watched as Laura was surprised by RPattz, got him back and then reunited for the year's most revealing interview ... Invaded the MTV Movie Awards, then flooded our YouRHere site with homemade reaction videos ... Provided thousands of questions that then shaped parts one, two, three and four of our immensely popular "Twilight" Stars Answer Fans' Burning Questions series ... Took over Comic-Con, completely overshadowing films with much huger budgets and stars ... Rocked our event with Stephenie Meyer, as well as the "Breaking Dawn" release just a few days later ... Took over the VMAs, then took down interrupting host Russell Brand ... Sent another of your special agents, the lovely NoMoreMarbles, to invade my office ... Responded with thousands of e-mails begging to get into our "Spoilers" taping, then filled a Hollywood theater to meet your heroes ... Lifted the "Twilight" soundtrack to the top spot on the Billboard albums chart ... Filled a Los Angeles bookstore for "TwilightLive," getting answers to your geekiest questions ... Slept over for the "Twilight" premiere, inspiring the sincerest of thank-yous from the film's awestruck stars ... Gave the film a record-breaking opening of nearly $70 million, with some fans seeing the movie as many as eight times (!) opening weekend ... Responded to the challenge of making $150 million for "Twilight" at the box office, ensuring that the sequel, "New Moon," will be filmed this year.

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