MTV News' Man Of The Year: Lil Wayne

No one was as successful, controversial, hilarious and, well, bizarre as Weezy was in 2008.

[artist id="510062"]Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.[/artist] is no longer just your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. In fact, considering [article id="1599254"]the way he's been carrying around a guitar lately[/article], you could be forgiven for wondering if he event wants to be a rapper anymore. But the fact remains that for 12 long months, no one dominated hip-hop like Wayne did. No one sold more records, generated more headlines or appeared on as many tracks. No one flooded the market with as much product, and — in a genre loaded with compelling characters — no one was as mercurial, controversial, hilarious and, well, bizarre as Weezy was.

Not to mention, when you move 1 million copies of an album in one week, it's pretty safe to say you've crossed over to the mainstream. Wayne most definitely was hip-hop in 2008, but he was pop culture too.

So considering all that — and after sifting through a year's worth of headlines, videos and reader comments — we've decided to crown Lil Wayne as MTV News' Man of the Year. From his [article id="1580108"]epic Arizona drug bust[/article] in January to selling [article id="1589491"]a million copies[/article] of Tha Carter III in June and, finally, nabbing [article id="1600678"]eight Grammy nods[/article] in December, '08 has been anything but dull for Wayne ... and that's just skimming the surface. Below, for your perusal, we've compiled his entire 2008 résumé — a list of accomplishments truly befitting our Man of the Year.

But before we dive deeper into Weezy's achievements, a quick word about someone else who had a pretty impressive 2008: President-elect Barack Obama. Sure, you could probably make a fairly convincing argument for him being our Man of the Year — after all, GQ and Time already proclaimed him as such — and you'd probably be right. But for an explanation of why Obama didn't make the cut on our list, head to the Newsroom blog.

1. Lil Wayne

2008 Highlights: Rolled into '08 with the "Hottest MC in the Game" championship belt over his shoulder ... Promised his long-awaited Carter III album would be [article id="1579291"]coming this year[/article] and touted the long list of cameos he recorded by dubbing himself "Featuring Lil Wayne" ... [article id="1580108"]Arrested in Arizona[/article] when his tour bus is pulled over by border patrol agents who perform the aforementioned bust ... Facing [article id="1580328"]felony drug and weapons charges[/article], he [article id="1587007"]pleads not guilty[/article]. The case is still pending ... Attempted to [article id="1581780"]reunite the Hot Boyz[/article] at a concert during the NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, but the event was canceled at the last minute due to shootings outside the venue ... [article id="1582097"]Visited his old secondary school[/article], promising Tha Carter would drop "in April" and being asked to the prom by a girl named Julie ... Showed up [article id="1582229"]three hours late[/article] for a concert in New Jersey, did not apologize, ended show by donning a bathrobe, shouting "sexual f---ing chocolate has left the building, bi---" ... Discussed his [article id="1582520"]drank of choice[/article], syrup ... "Lollipop," the first single from Carter III, [article id="1583838"]tops the Billboard Hot 100[/article] ... Premiered the now-iconic [article id="1586492"]Carter III cover[/article], featuring a photo of him as a baby, complete with a pinkie ring and digitally added tattoos ... Refused to freak out when [article id="1588601"]the album leaked[/article] two weeks early ... "Elated" when Carter III defies industry expectations and sells [article id="1589491"]1 million copies in a single week[/article], the first album to do so since 50 Cent's The Massacre in 2005 ... [article id="1589682"]Congratulated[/article] by 50, Kanye West and a host of others after accomplishing the feat ... Played a "modern-day Robin Hood" in the [article id="1591614"]"Got Money" video[/article] ... Performed "A Milli" on the [article id="1593581"]premiere of "FNMTV,"[/article] smelled like "a mixture of stubbed-out Phillies Blunts and a gallon of cough syrup," proved that he possessed extrasensory perception like "the 'hood Yoda" ... Lost his pants during his [article id="1594268"]performance at the Video Music Awards[/article] ... Hopped a plane immediately following the VMAs to make [article id="1594369"]a court date[/article] in New York City ... Prepped Dedication 3 mixtape and [article id="1594678"]Tha Carter IV[/article] ... Appeared on [article id="1596210"]Fall Out Boy's Folie à Deux[/article] ... Appeared on [article id="1597139"]Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak[/article] ... Named MVP at the [article id="1597431"]BET Hip-Hop Awards[/article] ... Announced plans to [article id="1597431"]reissue Carter III,[/article] only with completely different songs ... [article id="1598128"]Shared the stage with Jay-Z[/article] but did not actually perform with him ... Described the birth of his son as [article id="1598219"]"nasty, but wonderful"[/article] ... Strapped on a guitar to [article id="1599254"]back up Kid Rock at the CMA Awards[/article], only vaguely playing said guitar ... [article id="1600172"]Plotted I Am Music Tour[/article] with T-Pain, Gym Class Heroes and Keyshia Cole ... [article id="1600678"]Nominated for eight Grammy Awards[/article], more than any other artist ... "A Milli" is named [article id="1601017"]"Best Song of 2008"[/article] in MTV's Bigger Than the Sound column ... "A Milli" is named [article id="1601236"]"Hip-Hop Single of the Year"[/article] by our Mixtape Monday family ...Tha Carter III is named one of the [article id="1601427"]"Best Albums of 2008"[/article] ... Seriously, he did all of that in 366 days — any doubts he's our Man of the Year?

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