Lil Wayne Responds To 'A Milli' Being Our Hip-Hop Single Of The Year: 'Man, That's Big!'

'We're gonna come harder and stronger in '09!,' Weezy promises.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] is just a flat-out problem.

Mass hysteria is no exaggeration. When Wayne dropped "A Milli" earlier this year, you knew it was over. You knew any reservations that people had about Weezy dominating 2008 like he promised were gone. The vigor from "A Milli" alone, you knew Tha Carter III was going to be the album of the year. The Bangladesh-produced track was half club banger, half unrestrained b-boy exhibition.

It didn't feel like Wayne recorded the song in a multimillion-dollar studio — that was straight basement rap. "A Milli" is the soliloquy of a man with hunger pangs. You can hear the starvation in his crushed-glass-jagged voice: "Call me Mr. Carter or Mr. Lawn Mow-errr/ Boy I got so many bi---es like I'm Mike Lowry/ Even Gwen Stefani, said she couldn't doubt me."

"A Milli" was so communicable, just about everyone wanted to be a part of the song's movement. Some will argue that the 'Desh beat — motorized by the absorbing vocal loop, catastrophic bass and the drums so effervescent it felt like a bottle of champagne popping — was such of perfect storm of musical elements that anybody could rap over it and sound good. But nobody could top that initial exalted emotion Birdman Jr. created on his record. Wayne inspired all of them to try though: Jay-Z, Lil Mama, Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Chris Brown, Asher Roth, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, R. Kelly and dozens more gave it a go.

So the Mixtape Monday family had no choice. We were strong-armed with greatness and had to award Weezy F. Baby our champ for Hip-Hop Single of the Year.

Wayne responded to his latest laud:

"Man, that's big! Shout-out to Bangladesh for the track," Weezy said. "Shout-out to my Young Money and Cash Money families. Thanks to the folks at Universal. It's been an amazing year. Thanks to all of my fans and to MTV for selecting 'A Milli' as the Hip-Hop Single of the Year. Without them, there is no me! We're gonna come harder and stronger in '09!"