Heidi May Have Had A 'Patron Push' In Decision To Wed Spencer, 'Hills' Co-Star Says

Lo says she wasn't surprised that the couple got married, but didn't expect them to elope.

Lauren "Lo" Bosworth says that when she heard Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag tied the knot, unlike Heidi's family, she wasn't really surprised by the news.

"I was at home for [Thanksgiving], and I'm on Perez Hilton. And I'm scrolling down the page, and all of a sudden it pops up," she said on "The Hills: Live After Show" Monday night. "I was like, 'What is going on?' I found out on the Internet just like everybody else. And, I think most people did."

She was surprised, however, by the way that the couple decided to make it official. "I always thought they were going to get married," she explained. "I just didn't know when. I thought she always wanted a big, beautiful event wedding in L.A. I was surprised it turned out the way it did actually."

On Monday night's "The Hills" episode, which showed the pair's elopement, Heidi and Spencer decided to marry after a night of drinking in Mexico. "She was drunk!" Lo exclaimed. "It came back from commercial, and I thought, 'Wait, did I miss the wedding?' I guess they showed it on the video camera at the end. I don't know if she was drunk when they actually got married, but the night before she was.

"She just needed that little push," she joked. "The Patrón push."

Despite Heidi's mom saying the marriage won't last more than "six months," Lo said she has more hope for the newlyweds. "Forever and ever, don't you guys agree?" she asked the audience, but judging by their jeering response, she might be alone in that opinion.