Mike Jones Remakes Bobby Brown's 'Roni' With T.I. And Bobby Himself

Houston MC says he called his next album The Voice 'because it speaks for itself.'

HOUSTON — "The truth about a 'roni, she's a sweet little girl/ You can treat her right, real nice, and hold her tight."

In the '80s, Bobby Brown's "Roni" taught us that only tenderonies can give a special kind of love that makes you feel good inside. In 2009,

[artist id="1233737"]Mike Jones[/artist] will reiterate that lesson with some help from

[artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] and Bobby himself.

"It was Tip's concept," Jones said a couple of weeks ago in his hometown about a new single he has in the stash box. Jones and company remade "Roni" to follow up his current song, "Cuddy Buddy," down the line.

" 'Cuddy Buddy' is off the Keith Sweat sample," Jones explained. "A lot of people know

[artist id="840"]Keith Sweat's[/artist] 'How Deep Is Your Love,' so we just brought a new version in. You got the old, new and future. I was in Atlanta, me and Tip. He came to my room, and he already had the track 'Roni.' "

Jones said the song he heard was Bobby Brown and T.I. He liked it so much, he asked to jump on it.

"I was like, 'That's dope,' " Jones said. "I fell in love with it. I laid it. I think Tip was already turning in King. It was supposed to go on the King album. I was like, 'You not using that song?' He was like, 'Nah. Use it.' I took it and told everybody I was gonna take care of it like it was his. I wasn't just going to throw it out. I was gonna make sure it was mixed, mastered and everything right. Like 'Cuddy Buddy,' [it] came out smooth, grown-man.

"The difference between 'Roni' and 'Cuddy Buddy' is that 'Cuddy Buddy' it's an alert to let people that's not treating their relationship right: 'Watch out. She's gonna call on her cuddy buddy, and the cuddy buddy is gonna make her feel real good.' Tenderoni — 'She was there when nobody else was on me/ She never left me lonely.' "

Although Jones didn't get a chance to record with the legendary Brown, the two did talk.

"Wow. I couldn't believe just being on the phone with Bobby," Mike remembered. "I was on the phone with Bobby like I was on the phone with one of my partners. 'What's up, Bobby?' He was like, 'What's up, Miiiiiike Jonnnnes? What up, baby?' Wow. Coming from these streets in H-Town, nobody knowing me from the next block to being internationally known, it still throws me off."

Like "Cuddy Buddy," Jones' version of "Roni" was recorded almost three years ago but has been on the shelf as Jones and his label butted heads over creative and marketing differences.

"I did these records in '06," he said. "I continue to keep working and working, but a lot of these records people hear now, I had."

Jones added that once his label, Asylum, saw "Cuddy Buddy" — which features Lil Wayne, Twista and T-Pain — gain momentum Down South, they decided to start the wheels turning on the follow-up to his platinum debut record Who Is Mike Jones?

The rapper's next album is due sometime in 2009 and will be titled The Voice — "because it speaks for itself." While plans for the rollout of the new-millennium version of "Roni" are still being solidified, Jones just put out a new single called "Next to You."