Charles Hamilton Says He Wants Beef With Soulja Boy Tell'em To Go Away

'This is NOT beef,' Hamilton insists in blog post.

As the dispute between Charles Hamilton and [artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] appears to be gaining more and more attention, Hamilton wants to put the whole thing to rest. He commented about the situation in two posts on his blog,, on Thursday.

"My whole fanbase are saying to murder the kid on a track," he wrote. "The Hamilton Administration says play it to my favor. The 'hood says leave him alone, he's just a kid. The haters are starting campaigns against me, I guess to vote me out the industry."

The two were at odds over a video on and a previous Shade 45 radio interview where Hamilton said he didn't want to be compared to Soulja Boy. He said he felt Soulja Boy has damaged younger artists' credibility.

Soulja Boy then replied with a video of his own, saying Hamilton shouldn't blame any failure to be taken seriously on him, but on Hamilton's infatuation with the video game "Sonic the Hedgehog."

While Hamilton's posts were in response to Soulja Boy's video, he said that bloggers had run with the story.

"To the thirsty-ass bloggers, this is NOT beef. He would even tell you that. He ain't built to have BEEF."

He jokingly said that Soulja Boy's video response was a publicity stunt. "Soulja Boy is gonna be on the cover of XXL supposedly in the next month. Has an album dropping 12/16. This has got to be a dream come true for someone whose lyrical capabilities are that of a Blackberry without a battery, SIM card or buttons to push. And I TOTALLY respect his money-makin' hustle." He added that the paragraph was to be read in Sarah Silverman's voice.

He said in the second post that he was mistaken, because he learned that Soulja Boy will not be on the cover of the next XXL. He ended the post asking his fans and friends to not mention Soulja Boy's name on the blog again.

"If anything, two totally different artists, with two hilariously different viewpoints, are in the same position."