'Twilight' Fans: Get A Sneak Peek Of Perry Farrell's Sensual 'Go All The Way' Video!

Lollapalooza founder says he's open to writing a song for the sequel — if the new director wants him to.

To one generation, the hit "Twilight" soundtrack melds Stephenie Meyer's fantasy world with such up-and-coming artists as [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] and [artist id="1841746"]Mute Math[/artist]. To a slightly older one, it connects the iconic [artist id="508242"]Perry Farrell[/artist] with a chaste franchise unlike anything from his [artist id="702"]Jane's Addiction[/artist]/ [artist id="1007"]Porno for Pyros[/artist] past.

Now, the legendary rocker is eager to bridge the gap.

Farrell and his wife, Etty, contacted MTV News this week, eager to debut the video for the song "Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)" with the one-and-only home of [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] Tuesdays. Although Twilighters probably know the song's lyrics by heart at this point, wait until they get a load of this sensual clip, which has the duo dragging the vampire tale into decidedly NC-17 territory.

"We knew [movieperson id="82477"]Catherine [Hardwicke][/movieperson] from her last film, 'The Lords of Dogtown,' and before 'Twilight' was all put together and fully assembled, she invited us to the studio to take a look at certain scenes and asked if we'd be interested to donate a song," Farrell told us of the song featured in the video, directed by Andrew Bennett (

[artist id="760446"]Nickelback's[/artist] "Rockstar"). "We had a song we were working on called 'Go All the Way,' and it suited the film perfectly."

Playing off the "Twilight" themes of reds, blacks and temptation, the clip features various club-goers celebrating their mutual attraction with pomegranates and other forbidden fruit. As Perry and Etty unleash the song's hook and lyrics like "I'm going to let you have it like you've never had it before," the video feels both appropriate and a million miles away from Edward and Bella's romance.

"This [movie] is about a young man and a young woman. [Edward] wants to go all the way in his heart, but his head is saying no. [Bella] wants to go all the way in her heart and in her head," Farrell explained. "It's the idea of going all the way."

For the one Twilighter out there who still hasn't seen the movie, "Go All the Way" plays during the prom scene at the end of the hit film. A hybrid of dance and rock, the track will also appear on Farrell's next album.

And as "New Moon" rumors continue to swirl around, Farrell told us that he and Etty are both "Twilight" fans and would love to write a song for the sequel — as long as the new director wants him. "That would be great," the Lollapalooza founder said. "I have read excerpts from [the 'Twilight' books], and Etty has read the entire series."

"I want to say the last one is my favorite," Etty said of "Breaking Dawn," the final book in Meyer's series. "Because they both get what they want, you know? It's [out there], but it's for a series. And at some point, you just want them to be happy. And in the end, they are."

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