DMX Arrested By FBI Agents In Florida -- At Scott Storch's House

Rapper is being held in jail until he goes before a judge Wednesday morning.

A day after a $5,000 reward was offered by the Maricopa County Sheriff's office for his capture, fugitive rapper [artist id="1325"]DMX[/artist] (born Earl Simmons) was arrested in Florida on Tuesday (December 9) on a warrant issued by a Phoenix judge after he failed to appear in court last Friday.

Attorney Bradford Cohen told MTV News that the rapper was picked up by FBI agents on Tuesday after patient-confidentiality laws prevented Miami police from confirming whether X was at a local rehab facility. "A call went out earlier this morning in regards to his location, and the regular police went out to that location, which was a recovery clinic, but because of health care laws, the clinic wouldn't confirm whether he was there," Cohen said. "So the cops left, and apparently the sheriff down here didn't like that too much, so he called in the feds."

FBI agents then apprehended DMX at the Palm Island mansion of producer Scott Storch. According to TMZ, an unnamed woman in Georgia tipped off the Arizona sheriff's department officials to X's whereabouts when she heard about the $5,000 reward being offered for information leading to his arrest. Cohen said he is not sure what Storch and X's personal relationship is, or if Storch was home at the time of the arrest. The producer had a warrant out for his arrest earlier this year, when he failed to appear in court for a child-support case, and has been working on straightening out his finances after his home was foreclosed in July.

X is being held in jail until he goes before a judge in Miami on Wednesday morning. Cohen expects that the judge will not grant bond and that DMX will be extradited to Arizona within 15 days.

DMX was due in court last week for a status hearing on his upcoming trial related to charges of drug possession, identity theft and animal cruelty. When he failed to appear, the judge in the case upped his bond to $120,000 cash, and his public defender in Arizona, Charles Kozelka, said he expects the troubled rapper to remain in jail for "a while" as he awaits trial on the charges. Cohen said he thought DMX had checked into a rehab facility around December 1, but he was unsure if the MC had been in that clinic consistently since then.

[This story was originally published on 12.9.08 at 4:32 p.m. ET.]