Tom Cruise Has Some Marriage Advice For Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag

After the actor's appearance on 'The Hills: Live After Show,' Stephanie Pratt says the whole family is happy for the couple.

Since eloping last month, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag still have everyone talking about their relationship. And we mean everyone, including Tom Cruise, who took it upon himself to offer some sage marriage advice to the groom.

"If the girl wants the wedding, you gotta do the wedding," Cruise, whose 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes was a lavish Italian affair, advised Spencer during "The Hills: Live After Show" on Monday night. "She's gonna remember it forever. And you gotta make it a special occasion. Spencer, dude, you'll realize this later."

Spencer quickly responded to the actor's advice, telling, "You all know how I feel about big weddings, but if Tom Cruise says so, it must be true. If Tom's the best man, we'll have a big wedding!"

During Monday night's "After Show," Spencer's sister, Stephanie Pratt, also stopped by to talk about her brother's November nuptials. "Well, [my friend] Cameron and I were going to meet my mom at breakfast, and I think my mom read [about the elopement] on Perez Hilton," she explained. "She's on her phone, and she didn't believe it all. She wasn't upset, but I totally believed it. And then she talked to [Spencer], and he said, 'Yeah, we did.' "

She also talked about the family's response to Heidi's mother's statement to Us Weekly that the marriage was a mistake. "Actually, when I read it ... it was all the worst day of our lives," Stephanie said. "We were crying. We were so upset."

But Stephanie explained that Heidi's mom, Darlene Egelhoff, later called the Pratts to explain her side of the story and clear the air about the interview. "Heidi's mom actually called my mom and was really apologetic and crying," she said. "They took a lot of her things, like her tongue-in-cheek things, out of context. ... It was her first interview."

Stephanie reassured the audience that everyone is cool with the marriage now. "The general consensus, with all the family members, is that we're all really happy for them."