Britney Spears Fans Say 'Circus' Video 'Could Be Her Best Yet!!!'

'This gets better every time you watch it,' one commenter writes about the high-concept clip.

After [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist]' "Circus" video debuted on Friday (December 4), her fans couldn't keep their opinions to themselves. In the clip, a scantily clad Britney (when isn't she?) Britney throws herself a circus and dances around with circus performers.

The video is already garnering positive reviews from fans, many of whom are gushing about just how much they "luv it."

"Wow, this is her best video to date," mcsurfer15 wrote. "Britney is the queen of music again. Can't wait to see her tour in Miami in March."

"This is one of the hottest music videos yet to come!!!!!!," JJ wrote about the clip, in which Britney is surrounded by fireworks and hangs out with lions.

Meanwhile, dedgrl wrote, "Britney is my secret pleasure."

Overall, fans seemed psyched to see Britney in a high-concept clip like this one, helmed by "I'm a Slave 4 U" director Francis Lawrence. "Oh my God!," MikeyMike wrote. "What is this???!!! I'm in love. ... Could be her best yet!!!"

Other fans, like kirche, described the video as "just perfect!!!!" Halimas92 added: "OMG I'm so glad she's back. It was amazing."

Another fan, 1gal, wrote, "YAY BRITNEY!!! She looks and sounds better than ever!! Luv luv luv this video!!"

"This gets better every time you watch it," MatthewDEmery said in his comment about the video.

"Awesome! That's our Britney," sobo7 commented. "I like it more than 'Womanizer,' but 'Womanizer' [is] also awesome. I like all the new album! Great songs."

So what do you think of Britney's "Circus" video? Let us know below!