Soulja Boy Tell'em Says He Doesn't Expect To Top The Success Of 'Crank That'

'It's one of the biggest songs in the world, period,' says the rapper, whose sophomore album hits stores this month.

[artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] isn't making music for critics.

He doesn't care how many stars his music gets or how much positive ink music magazines give him. And he hopes that when he releases his sophomore album, iSouljaBoyTellem, on December 16, he'll finally be seen as more than just a flash in the pan.

"I think after they listen to this album, they'll be like, 'Oh, this is an artist who's in the music industry now,' " he told MTV News. "You know, this is my second album, it's really time for me to prove myself. ... I'm trying to build a brand to have a career."

Despite the critics questioning his abilities, he did have a huge hit with "Crank That" in 2007, and he knows it will be hard for him to ever top the success of that song. It was so successful, in fact, that the song had more than 400 million views on YouTube and went on to become the #1 digital download of all time.

"It's one of the biggest songs in the world, period — not just from Soulja Boy," he said. "So I really just took the approach of not trying to top that record and just trying to make some good music."

Soulja Boy also promises that his new single, "Bird Walk," isn't going to be "Crank That: The Sequel." "I don't listen to the critics. I put it out for the fans," he said. "I already know what the critics will say."