Taylor Swift Reveals Extravagant Birthday Demands: Glasses, Cards And A Party For Her Crew

After selling a million-plus albums and performing for the Grammy nominations show, the teen has simpler needs.

[artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] is never one to hide her emotions. These days, she's developing quite a reputation for sharing her feelings about everything — boys, clothes, music — even if it gets her into trouble. Fortunately, we're pretty sure that talking about her birthday (December 13) won't be one of those instances.

"I'm so excited," she told MTV News at the rehearsal for the Grammy Announcement Concert on Tuesday. "I'm turning 19. ... It's not 18; it's not 21. But it's going to be fun. It's the last year of my teens."

Swift plans to throw a combination birthday bash and holiday party to celebrate the end of her teen years. "I am having a party with my band and my crew," she said. "A year-end, you-guys-are-awesome party."

The country star only wants simple gifts for her birthday present. "The best gift for me would be stationery — I really like cards a lot," she revealed. "I asked my family for new glasses, 'cause mine broke, and I need them to drive. I've been, like, taping them, which is, of course, not the best look for anyone."

Swift also talked a bit about her music, saying that the song "Fearless," off her million-plus-selling album of the same name, won't be released as a single for a while. Instead, she will soon be hard at work for the video for "White Horses." "It's a really sad song," she said, adding that video will therefore have "a dramatic theme."

Right now, she's most excited to be a part of the Grammy festivities, which allowed her the opportunity to meet the [artist id="986"]Foo Fighters[/artist]. "I'm such a big fan of them," she said. "They've been so cool to me. Sometimes you don't want to meet your heroes, [but] they were so amazing. They do not take themselves seriously."

And she seems to already be taking cues from the Foos' goofy sense of humor. "I probably shouldn't rap at all," she joked. "I am going to announce the rap nominee for the Grammys. I think I'll stick to what's not going to be horrible."