Kanye West's Cousin Investigated In Death Of Donda West

Registered nurse Stephan Scoggins cared for Dr. West the day before her death.

Police are investigating [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West's[/artist] cousin Stephan Scoggins in a probe into the death of the rapper's mother, Dr. Donda West. According to the Los Angeles Times, state officials are investigating Scoggins, a registered nurse who was overseeing his aunt's recuperation following the plastic surgery that led to her death more than a year ago.

Citing an unnamed person with knowledge of the investigation, the paper reported that officials are looking into Scoggins' actions following West's November 9, 2007 operation. He and two other unnamed caregivers watched over the rapper's mother that evening. Following West's death, Scoggins told officials that the morning after the surgery — which included breast reduction, abdominoplasty (commonly referred to as a "tummy tuck") and liposuction — his aunt appeared to be doing so well that he left for the day, but had planned to return that night to care for her.

According to the coroner's report, West spent her final hours warm to the touch, breathing heavily and reporting pain in her throat and chest. That evening, a friend found West in her bed, cold, clammy and unresponsive. She was pronounced dead at Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center a short time later.

West — who had pre-existing cardiac issues, according to the coroner's report — had been advised against the surgery by another surgeon, who said he would not operate on her because she was at risk for a heart attack. The staff at the Brentwood, California-area clinic where she underwent the operation had also advised her against going home and suggested a postoperative care facility.

Instead, West went back to her home and was in the care of Scoggins, who has an advanced degree in public health, according to the paper. The California Board of Registered Nursing is part of the investigation into his actions preceding West's death. When asked by the paper about the board's investigation, Scoggins declined to comment.

The preliminary autopsy report was inconclusive, but it put the focus on her surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams. The final coroner's report said West died from "some pre-existing coronary artery disease and multiple postoperative factors following surgery," including pain medication and the tight bandaging of her chest, which may have limited her breathing.

Following her death, the California State Senate passed the "Donda West bill" requiring patients be given a physical examination before undergoing elective surgery. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill, however.