Britney Spears Fans Share Their Early Reviews Of Circus

'I think she's grown as an artist,' offers one fan after purchasing the new album.

[artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] fans everywhere hope Tuesday (December 2) is the day their idol will show everyone that she's ready for her return to the spotlight. They came out bright and early in New York City to pick up copies of her new album, Circus.

"She never left," Blaise Lucaelli told MTV News. "She's an icon. No one does what she can do. She is her own style and her own light. Britney will always be on top. I think she's doing amazing. After the last couple of years, it's been rough on her and her fans. It's great to see her back on top. ... It's definitely going to be a #1 hit. I think it's the most innovative."

"Mannequin" appears to be the overwhelming favorite song on the album, according to our completely unscientific polling. "I like the song 'Mannequin,' " Dana Rose Carpentieri said. "I love the whole idea [of the circus theme]. I think her new stuff is a lot better than her old stuff, but I like it all. I think she's grown as an artist."

Other fans agreed that the circus theme is fitting for a person who lives her life in a world of flashing camera lights and hoards of handlers and assistants. "I think [the circus is] a good theme," superfan Jen Conley said after buying the album. "It's a good way to wrap it all up. I think it's probably going to have more meaning for her."

On their way to pick up the CD in Times Square, where Brit had just performed live for "Good Morning America," some fans said they never doubted Britney's talent. "Her albums are always great," Nicole Hoyt said. "I think she's still strong."

"I love her!" Charles Petit declared. "I just love that she knows how to be herself. She's just crazy and knows how to have fun."

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