Britney Spears' Fans Think 'For The Record' Was 'Honest' But Want More Dirt On Her Exes

'This is what fans and others have wanted from her for a long time,' one fan says.

If the mission of Britney Spears' tell-all documentary "For the Record" was to get people talking on the week of her album release, she accomplished it with flying colors. The word on the street is that the special — which premiered on MTV on Sunday night and will be available on beginning at 8 p.m. on Wednesday — was just what fans wanted after years of seeing their beloved star splashed across the tabloids.

"It made me love her even more," Shanna Birnbaum, 23, told MTV News. "I think she was very honest. She really let her true self shine through. It showed people and young girls you can get through anything."

Stacey Medura, 16, agreed, adding that "For the Record" humanized the pop star. "It's easier to understand how she feels," Medura said. "Her opinion matters most. I think she covered a lot [in the special]."

Superfans Madeline Kane, 21, and Natalie Gargiulo, 24, were happy that Spears finally got to tell her side of the story. But although Britney seems to be on the road to physical and mental health, both fans admitted that they don't think she's quite there yet. "She's getting there," Gargiulo said. "I think she's really sad. ... She could be worse. She seemed over everything. She's definitely not as crazy. She seemed like a real person."

In the documentary, Spears talked about motherhood and her desire to remarry, but Gargiulo and Kane wanted to hear more about her marriage to Kevin Federline, as well as her controversial relationship with photographer Adnan Ghalib. "I think she was hiding a little something," Kane observed. "I feel for her. ... [But] I think that people that don't know her will feel for her."

Viewers also took to the Web with their reactions to the documentary.

"The documentary was definitely worth watching," Mike wrote. "I think a lot of us forgot who she really was. The rest of the fans and I didn't forget that at all. No one said she's perfect and hasn't [made] any mistakes, but look at what's around her every single day of her life. The actual documentary was brilliant on MTV's part. MTV should definitely go for another one. Not just for Britney, but for other stars too."

Some said this look into Britney's life was inspiring. "I really have gained a lot of respect for her now," Derek wrote. "I felt like this was the first time since she burst onto the scene a decade ago that she has spoken from the heart. ... I think this is what fans and others have wanted from her for a long time, to be honest. Her honesty can be helpful for others who may be going through situations like hers, such as dealing with a custody battle."

A viewer called Lame-o wasn't prepared to take the pop star's testimony at face value. " 'I shaved my head because everyone does it' — I'm pretty sure they don't," Lame-o said. " 'I lost custody of my children ... because of the bad people?!?' 'Everyone said I was on drugs.' Were you?!? Traumatic stress?!? Maybe I need to watch it again, because I missed it if she cleared anything up."

But fans like PNP said they are sticking by the singer's side, and the doc only solidified their love for her. "It really showed the real Britney, down to earth and not an artificial blonde caught up by the media. Love her even more. Definitely buying the album December 2!"

Melissa, another commenter, added: "The way she is feeling that no one listens is what I am going through," she wrote. "Her documentary made me really think about my life! Britney, you are a great woman. Don't worry, you will make it! Cannot wait till your CD comes out!"

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