Travis Barker Quashes Blink-182 Reunion Rumors

'We're friends, though, everyone's getting along pretty good,' drummer says of former bandmates Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge.

Last month, former Blink-182/ current +44 bassist Mark Hoppus blogged that he and his former Blink-mates Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge have been spending time together in the wake of the plane crash that seriously injured Barker and DJ AM and killed four people.

Of course, the blog post led to speculation that the estranged former bandmates — Blink went on "indefinite hiatus" in February 2005might be re-forming. While Hoppus addressed those rumors cautiously in the post, saying the group doesn't yet know, Barker basically quashed them in an impromptu video that was posted on TMZ on Monday (December 1).

Caught by the tabloid site's cameras as he carries a wailing child (probably his daughter, Alabama) to his car outside a shopping center in Calabasas, California — Barker good-naturedly asks, "What are you guys doing in Calabasas?" — the drummer is asked point-blank if Blink are getting back together.

"No," he says. "We're friends, though, everyone's getting along pretty good." He is then asked again if the group is getting back together: "No," he says.

Hoppus seemed more upbeat about the possibility — at least avoiding saying "no" — in his blog post last month. "In the midst of everything else that has happened lately, Tom, Travis and I have all spoken together," Hoppus wrote on his official site, "First, through a number of phone calls, and then a couple of weeks ago we all hung out for a few hours. They've all been great, very positive conversations. We're just reconnecting as friends after four years of not talking. It's a good thing."

"Obviously the first question for a lot of people will be, 'Does this mean a Blink-182 reunion?' The answer is none of us know. We haven't talked about it at all. Right now it's just good for the three of us to see one another, reconnect and let the past be the past. The events of the past two months supersede everything that happened before. Life is too short."

Barker and DJ AM will make their first performance since the crash on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles, it was announced on Monday.