Peter Facinelli Excited To Play Carlisle Cullen Again In 'New Moon'

'I'm just glad to be a part of it,' actor says of the 'Twilight' movie series.

This past weekend, millions of moviegoers found themselves coming down with a fever for [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] — and the only prescription was more [movieperson id="182254"]Facinelli[/movieperson].

That's Peter Facinelli for the uninitiated, a Hollywood veteran who discovered the most iconic character in his decade-and-a-half career when he signed up to play charismatic, compassionate, vegetarian vampire/ town physician Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Now that news of a "Twilight" sequel has given the fans just what the doctor ordered, Facinelli was eager to talk to us about Team Carlisle, his "New Moon" family reunion, and grabbing a celebratory drink with [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson].

MTV: Hi Peter, thanks for talking with us!

Peter Facinelli: Thank you! All the success we have is due to Larry Carroll. You've been building our fanbase for a while! Are you sick of "Twilight" yet?

MTV: Nah, I loved the movie, and it's been worth every minute of it.

Facinelli: Well, you've been a great supporter. Thank you very much.

MTV: So, $70.55 million speaks for itself, but what would you say to the fans who came out and gave you guys such a big weekend?

Facinelli: I'd say, "Go see it again this weekend — and bring your boyfriends!" [Laughs] I am just excited we're doing the second movie. I'm such a fan of the book, and I'm just excited to go on and make more.

MTV: What were you doing this past weekend? How closely were you watching the box office?

Facinelli: I'm in New York shooting a show ["Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco], so I'm away from home. But my mom and dad live in New York, and my sister — and they couldn't come to the premiere, so I took them to the movies this weekend, and then that turned into my aunts and uncles coming, and my cousins. We rolled into a little tiny movie theater in Long Island with about 60 people! So, I had my own little private premiere this weekend. It was nice.

MTV: Did your family swoon when Carlisle Cullen walked on screen in that hospital scene?

Facinelli: Oh yeah, that's the great thing about going with my family — they are on Team Carlisle.

MTV: Have you had any particularly memorable encounters with your co-stars or fans since the movie opened so huge?

Facinelli: I had a drink with Rob on Saturday, and he's quite happy. I think the cast is very excited to go back and shoot more. Every time I meet a fan from "Twilight," it's meaningful, humbling, overwhelming — it's wonderful. I'm just glad to be a part of it.

MTV: How did you hear the "New Moon" news? Were you expecting it?

Facinelli: We had heard [it was likely]; we all signed up for the first three movies, and it was all based on numbers, and how much we made. If the fans wanted more, we were going to make more, and I think I read it somewhere on Sunday that the movie did well and we were making more.

MTV: Which "New Moon" scene are you most eager to shoot?

Facinelli: I don't know. I'm just waiting for a script right now; I know what the book is, but I don't know how much is going to be different from the book. So, I'm just waiting to see what the script is like.

MTV: A lot of critics weren't very fond of "Twilight." What would you say to the haters?

Facinelli: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some movies are for certain groups and not for others. I'd suggest they get in touch with their inner 15-year-old girl. [Laughs.] I've had friends — and people my age that are guys — who [liked it]. ... On Saturday, my brother-in-law almost brought his iPod, because he thought he was going to hate the movie and he didn't want to sit through a sappy love story — but it's not that. It's a beautiful film, and it has action for the guys. He walked out loving it! So, I hope this weekend we get boys to go see it, because it got both — it's got action, and it's got a love story. If you're a guy, the best place to be this weekend is in the movie theater with all those girls, watching "Twilight."

MTV: Are you in touch with your inner 15-year-old girl?

Facinelli: Yeah, it's super-dominant. I have to suck her back inside sometimes. [Laughs.] I'm constantly surrounded by girls. I have three daughters, and I grew up with three sisters.

MTV: Is your 11-year-old daughter the coolest girl in school now that everyone knows her dad is Carlisle Cullen?

Facinelli: She's always been the coolest kid in school to me. I love her. She's a big fan of the book — I took her to see it before the movie came out, and she loved it. I knew it was good when she said that, because she doesn't hold back.

MTV: Have you let her read the other "Twilight" books yet?

Facinelli: No. She loved the first book, but the second one is a little too sexual for an 11-year-old. So, I kind of said, "You can read the first one."

MTV: When will "New Moon" start filming?

Facinelli: I think early next spring.

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