'Hills' Fans View Heidi And Spencer's Marriage With Plenty Of Skepticism

Some think Heidi's made a big mistake, others say the reality-TV stars deserve each other.

Following the news that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from "The Hills" had eloped in Mexico last week, MTV News took to the streets to get feedback from ordinary folk, whose reactions — [news id="1600179"]like those of Heidi's family[/news] — were mixed.

"I'm hoping it works out. They seem a little too young, but you never know," Bridget Swann, 27, told us.

Others were more skeptical. "I think it might be a publicity stunt," Cynthia Ramirez said. Her friend Samantha Coleman agreed, adding, "I don't think they're in love; I think they're doing it for TV too." She gave the marriage about six months.

Reggie Alston, 19, was disappointed — not with the marriage itself, but with how they went about getting hitched. "I think Spencer drives a Mercedes that probably costs more than my house, and I think it's cheap to be going to Mexico and eloping," he said. "He should have done it big, like Spencer and Heidi usually do it."

Reactions online have been a bit more blunt, and many seem to think Heidi was making a mistake. "Where the heck is your head at?" Keyla Porras asked. And tntpower wrote, "She should really wake up and realize she is on the road to nowhere."

"Way to go, Heidi! You definitely picked a winner! (gag)," tash176 commented, while chaos2057 reminded everyone that "at least she lives in a state where a good divorce attorney is only a few steps away from your front door."

On the other hand, there were several who seemed to think Speidi are a match made in reality-TV heaven. "Congrats to a beautiful couple who are nothing but ugly on the inside," CRAZYBN offered. "If anyone deserves each other it's these two."

And boomersooner_girl wrote, "They are perfect for each other! I can't stand either of them!" LeahAbner looked to the future, and didn't like what she saw: "God forbid the two of them procreate, because seriously, that child will be 150 percent jacked up."

There were a few comments like that of Mandy1214, who wrote "NO ONE CARES!" (but obviously cared enough to post a comment). And there was even the occasional sarcasm-free bright spot, like maja, who simply said, "All happiness to you and every couple."

Still, the majority appeared to share the opinion of nonamepixie, who wrote, "I was really hoping she'd grow a brain and dump the slime-ball. I guess for some people, there's just no hope."