'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Has A Request For His Fans: 'Throw Yourselves At Me!'

What does he like about being Edward Cullen? 'You never have a hair out of place.'

BEVERLY HILLS, California — If you're like us, you're finding it hard to believe that after all these months of talking about it, having fun with it and counting down the days to it, "Twilight" is finally here.

Come to think of it, you might also find it hard to believe that Robert Pattinson wants to be your president. Or that he hasn't kissed a girl in ages. Or that he secretly longs to "do" Jessica the cheerleader.

To celebrate the arrival of Stephenie Meyer's vision to movie theaters, we present our most recent and most revealing interview with one of the newly minted Sexiest Men Alive. To some, he's RPattz. To others, he's Spunk Ransom. But to true Twilighters, he'll always be the most charmingly self-deprecating and immensely talented vampire we'd ever want to watch on the big screen.

MTV: You were a big hit with the crowd at the "Spoilers" taping. When you told the audience to "shut up," they loved it.

Robert Pattinson: [Laughs.] Good!

MTV: After all this time, "Twilight" is finally coming to theaters. We know you've been working on it all year. So how has your life changed, personally and professionally, over the past 12 months?

Pattinson: I've been so busy compared to last year, [when] I wasn't busy at all. It's very strange constantly working, doing various things, and that's basically how my life's changed. Professionally, I guess, I'm vaguely more commercially viable, so people want to have meetings with you instead of not wanting to have meetings with you. That's kind of the basic difference.

MTV: What are your top five reasons why it's great to be Edward Cullen?

Pattinson: Well, you can kiss Kristen Stewart. You can drive a Volvo. You can hold yourself back from killing people, which is always handy. Five reasons? You have a great peacoat, and you never have a hair out of place.

MTV: Well done! In the movie, we hear a little bit of your music, and the Twilighters know how much you love music in real life. Will we ever get a proper Robert Pattinson album?

Pattinson: I think if I did it, I'd do it under a different name and not promote it.

MTV: Spunk Ransom, perhaps?

Pattinson: [Laughs.] Maybe I could just do it under "Edward Cullen," and we'll see what happens.

MTV: I think they'd catch on.

Pattinson: That would be pretty obvious. [Laughs.] But, uh, maybe? I don't like to look like I'm cashing in on stuff, so I probably won't do it for a while. But I'm not really interested in having a music career. I don't care if people buy my stuff or not.

MTV: When we showed the big kiss scene at the MTV "Spoilers" taping, there were audible gasps from the audience. We wanted to ask: How do women react in real life when you try to kiss them?

Pattinson: Um, I can't really remember. [Laughs.] I haven't kissed anybody in ages. I don't remember. I don't even remember how Kristen reacts in the thing. She's just kind of, like, blank, right? She's just like, "Why are you being so slow?" So, I don't know. Normally? I have no idea.

MTV: Well, once "Twilight" comes out, you might find yourself with a few volunteers for getting over the I-haven't-kissed-anybody-in-a-while problem.

Pattinson: Yeah. It's funny. You would have thought that doing this movie — and I'm supposed to be such an attractive guy or whatever — would open up the floodgates for lots of 15-year-olds to come in. [Laughs.] But it has the converse effect, because everyone's so, "Oh, everyone must be throwing themselves at you!" And it's like, "No! Throw yourselves at me!"

MTV: So the next time you're out in public, you want girls to throw themselves at you?

Pattinson: Yeah!

MTV: Wow, you just opened yourself up to a world of pain, my friend. Now, we have some questions from the fans here, if I could hit you with a few of these: Imagine you're stuck on a deserted island. What three things do you bring — and is a girl one of those three items?

Pattinson: Yeah, I guess a girl would be a logical thing to bring. [Laughs.] That's one of them. I'd bring a guitar — that sounds so cheesy. No, if I had a girl, I wouldn't need a guitar. So I would bring maybe a little pad and a pen and a satellite phone.

MTV: Very useful!

Pattinson: Yeah, I'd just [call somebody and] leave.

MTV: Another fan contributed a question to the MTV Movies Blog, saying she'd read an interview where someone asked if you could be anybody who you'd want to be. And you said you wanted to be President Bush.

Pattinson: What?!

MTV: Did you ever say you wanted to be president? Would you want to run for president someday?

Pattinson: I would love to be president! Yeah, definitely. I want Schwarzenegger to change the [born-in-America requirement] from the inside.

MTV: What would you do as our president?

Pattinson: Nothing. [Laughs.] I'd just go around saying, "Kiss my ass!"

MTV: Are there any laws you'd want to pass?

Pattinson: No, not really. I'd just do really stupid stuff. I'd just be like, "Everyone needs to call me 'sir.' " Actually, no, they call you Mr. President, right? I'd just want everyone to call me Mr. President. I'd just like to say, "Hey, I'm leader of the free world. What do you do, loser?"

MTV: OK, we'll all start calling you Mr. President from now on. There are several romantic scenes in the movie, where you and Kristen are on the bed, on top of the tree, in the biology lab, stuff like that. What, in your opinion, is the most romantic moment that Edward and Bella share?

Pattinson: Hmmm ... probably the scene in the hospital, when she's in the hospital after the big fight. I like that scene. I think it's quite honest.

MTV: So, to you, the essence of romance is honesty between people?

Pattinson: Yeah, definitely. [Especially] in that scene, because he's saying, "You have to leave. You have to leave!" Just seeing how, sometimes, you're not in control of yourself anymore [when you're in love]. There's something more. Your emotions have transcended the reality of your lives, and I think that scene shows it.

MTV: If you woke up tomorrow and discovered you were a Forks High student, which "Twilight" character would you want to date?

Pattinson: I would probably date Bella. Bella is the coolest girl, you know? Well, it depends if it was from the movie or the book version. In the book version, I'd do — what's her name? — Jessica. The cheerleader one.

MTV: I love how you said you'd "do" her.

Pattinson: [Laughs.] I'd do her, yeah. Take her? She'll do.

MTV: OK, one last question from the fans: What do you have in your pockets right now?

Pattinson: [Rifling through pockets] A telephone and a wallet. Very uninteresting. Oh, and I have a pair of sunglasses.

MTV: Have you read the other "Twilight" books yet?

Pattinson: I've read the first three. I haven't read the last one yet.

MTV: Is there a scene in "Eclipse" or "New Moon" that you're particularly eager to shoot, if they make the sequels?

Pattinson: Yeah, I'm looking forward to doing the re-emergence in the second book, at the end of the second book, when he's killing himself. I think that'd be kind of spectacular seeing that. And the second book is my favorite book, so I'm quite looking forward to doing it.

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