Good Charlotte Fill Blink-182's Void On Next LP, Tide Fans Over With Remix Album

'We had a lot of good will built up,' Joel Madden says of Game, Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump and more contributing to Greatest Remixes.

We're probably going to make Joel Madden pretty angry by saying this, but

Good Charlotte's new album is gonna sound a whole lot like Blink-182.

"I hate when [people ask about Good Charlotte's new album], and we say it sounds like something, and then there's a news piece about what it sounds like, and it sounds completely different," he told MTV News backstage during Sunday's "Total Finale Live." "But we're trying to fill the void. ... Like, I think there's a need for a new Blink-182 album, and they're not working on an album. I'm a huge Blink-182 fan, but I think in general there's a void there for music like that, and in this moment, we're making a record that kind of answers to that void. We'll see, though."

So there you go. Good Charlotte's follow-up to last year's Good Morning Revival will be the most Blink-y thing since Mark, Tom and Travis called it quits (or, excuse us, "went on indefinite hiatus") in 2005. And if it's going to be a Blink record, well, Madden — who became a new father in January — is making it sound like it will be closest to the band's more serious, self-titled farewell album.

"I think we've matured a little bit, and it definitely changes things. You're more mindful of what you're saying, and the songs somehow become more important, because someone that you really love is going to be listening to them," he said. "I don't know what it's going to mean for our music, but it seems like it's changed a little bit."

Of course, there's a fairly good chance all this will change. So while we can't be 100 percent sure how the new GC album will sound, Madden is more than happy to let fans know how it won't sound.

"There's nothing dance-y on the record, though, at all, which is different from our last one," he said.

Madden did say that he and his band are currently in the studio working on the new album, which is tentatively due in the summer. In the meantime, GC are tiding fans over with the November 25 release of Greatest Remixes, a sort-of "greatest hits" package run through the ringer, featuring remixes by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump, Metro Station and Junior Sanchez, to name just a few.

"We had a lot of good will built up. Everybody wanted to do it, and we were very lucky to have all these people involved," Madden said. "We wanted to give our fans something to bridge us into adulthood now, where we're working on a record now and taking our time doing it."

"We've learned over the years that we don't have any enemies, and that kind of came back as a good thing. We've made a lot of friends over the years, and in this business, a lot of things happen because of your friends. And they kind of helped us in this instance," Joel's brother Benji chimed in. "There's a song with Game on the record. We've got two other new tracks that no one's heard: a song called 'Anxiety' and a song called 'War.' It's cool. It's something to tide people over until we get the new album out next year. It's really eclectic. Some of it you'll hear DJs spinning it in the clubs."

Then again, Joel is quick to point out that the remix album is about the furthest thing from a traditional Good Charlotte album (remember, no more dance music), so buyer beware. And remember: There's always that Blink-182 album on the horizon.

"It's not an album we could sell to people. If they want to buy it, buy it," he said. "It's a different kind of record. It sounds nothing like us. ... It doesn't sound like Good Charlotte."

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